Thursday, May 31, 2012

WI 5/31

Down .4.  Considering the major losses I've had the last 2 weeks, I'm pretty okay with this number.  I am just that much closer to where I want to be.  We're skipping t-ball tonight, I'm really drained after all the goings on and such.  Rick doesn't mind, he tripped and got a little boo boo on his knee anyway, so he felt it best if he took the night off.

Today was really just horrible.  Not in terms of weight loss or anything, but I had to do something that I really did not want to do.  It needed to be done, but that doesn't mean that I like it or I'm happy about it.  If any of you have read my I'm Sorry post, then you kind of have an idea of what I've been going through and yes, today was sort of related to that.  I'm trying to adjust to my new life, but I don't know how, nor do I really feel I'm ready to let go of my old life.  Even though I know it's for the better.  That doesn't make it any easier though.  Ironically, today of all days, my son's teacher sends this home

Are you freaking kidding me?  Seriously, today this gets sent home.  And yes, for those that don't know, my name is Liz.  Crazy right?  I think I actually may have said "That shit cray" while telling my friend about it.  I did win today.  I won, but I still feel like I lost. *sigh*  Whatever.

So today was my rest day.  Tomorrow I start level 2 of RI30 and also BBL is having a contest starting tomorrow (which means I have to take photos, yikes!) so I will be adding that as well.  Oh, and thanks to Kelly I just HAD to get some new Victoria's Secret stuff.  I got two new bras (like you all really needed to know!) and a pair of yoga shorts.  Omg, the shorts are so cute, can't wait to wear them!  Really?  I can't wait to wear shorts?  Me, the girl who wears jeans/yoga pants in 100 degree weather?  Who am I? Lol.  Oh and last night I booked the appointments for my brother and I to get our tattoos!  So psyched!  We go on the 16th, and no, we're not getting matching one's!  So that's all I got.  Enjoy your Thursday!                                                                                                                       

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