Friday, May 4, 2012

WI 5/3

Sorry I haven't been  around much this week, it's just crazy here lately.  But I am happy to report that just because I haven't been here does not mean that I have fallen off plan, I am still very much OP.  And with that, I will post this week's WI.  I am down 1 lb for a grand total of 50lbs lost!  I was very happy with my loss, but also disappointed it wasn't more.  You all know how that goes.

My grandfather is in stable condition.  That's a good thing at least.  However, he's not quite "with it".  My dad went to go visit him and he thought he was on a ship off the coast of  England.  Not really sure what to make of that.  I'm hoping he makes a full recovery soon.

On a lighter note yesterday I decided I was going to do something for myself.  So I went and got my extensions!  It is amazing how something so small can make such a big difference.  My confidence level literally shot through the roof.  I will have to post a pic.  AND since it was a new girl working at the kiosk I got them at an amazingly low rate.  I kinda told her I had already bought a box and just wanted to have some extras, so instead of the $450 they wanted to charge me, I got them for $125.  Mind you, they charge you $450 because they "throw in" a "free" straightener which is regularly priced at $200 and as an "added bonus" they give you the special shampoo and condititioner.  In short when you buy the extensions you're paying for the freebies, so please don't feel like I ripped this poor girl off.  I saved myself from getting ripped off.  And the best part is that if I care for them well they will last up to 5 years, and even if I have to replace them after 1 or 2 years, I just got back there with my reciept and they will replace them FOR FREE.  So well worth the money, and actually since they do repace them for free for the rest of forever, they are actually probably worth paying the $450 for, but I just don't have that kind of cash laying around for fake hair, kwim?

Well that's it for now, I have to get the kids ready for school and get ready to head off to work myself  Enjoy your Friday!

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  1. Will we see a photo of the extensions? I wanna see!