Friday, May 4, 2012

Extenstions Pic

Been really busy with the kids.  Since it's been s nice out we have been outside where we belong! Lol.  But since Kelly requested a pic of my extensions I thought I would post one real quick.

Please pardon the weird expression on my face.  The pink hair I just got today, I was feeling a little funky, lol.  Aside from the pink one, they look real, right?  Tell me the truth guys =)  I'm off to take the kids to the spring festival, enjoy your Friday night!


  1. Pretty! I do so love pink! :-)

    1. Thanks Kelly! Me too, I bought that burnout tee yesterday and got this cute chunky pink bracelet to go with it. I'm obsessed with pink. My kitchen is even pink, lol. Not hot pink though ;)