Monday, May 7, 2012

Major NSV!!!

Okay, so before I get to my NSV, I just want to say that I have been really good about sticking to my workouts.  I have not been doing great on the not using my WP's thing.  Saturday I was completely screwed from the funnel cake as I mentioned, and then the impromtu smores thing just threw me over the edge.  Yesterday I used 2 WP's.  Not bad, but still not on my plan for the week. *shrugs*

My grandfather is doing much better.  He's gained 7lbs since they put the feeding tube in!  So he's getting stronger, but they still have no clue why he can't swallow.  Hopefully they will figure it out and correct it soon.

Okay, so have I built up enough suspense over my NSV yet?  I'm sure you're all on the edges of your seats, lol.  Okay, so yesterday when I was getting dressed I found a pair of jeans I have had since I was in high school.  In good condition, no holes or anything.  And I started to wonder if they would fit.  Well they do fit!  They are just a little on the snug side, but I don't have to lie down and suck it in to get them buttoned or anything.  Can you guess what size they are?  THREE.  Size mother f*ckin THREE.  YES!!!  They may be what a size 3 was 10 years ago (obviously they've changed their size charts since I STILL can't fit into those damn 7's!!!), but still.  If you look at the tag on my pants, it says 3, and that's what really matters =)  I still have a long way to go, but damn it feels good to wear those jeans again!


  1. Size 3? You and your skinny a**! :-) Fantastic.

    1. Haha, thanks Kelly! Still frustrating that size standards keep changing. I really think women's clothes need to run the same as men's. If a guy was a 36" waist 10 years ago and he has kept his phsyique then he is still a 36, there's no guess work!