Friday, May 11, 2012

WI 5/10

I stayed the same.  Seriously?  I worked so hard this week, barely used and WP's, worked out....Ugh.  Well actually, according the the WW scale, I was up .8.  I'm not counting that though, and I'll tell you why.  I hopped on the scale yesterday morning.  138.6.  Exactly the same as last week.  Then ended up taking the kids to this little burger & ice cream place where we live that is like a staple around here.  The kids had never been.

Their dad was here for a visit since our son had t-ball and without going into too much detail, it ended up being a very stressful situation.  So stressful in fact, that even though I had already eaten lunch, I polished off and entire order a french fries.  The whole thing.  And this place does NOT skimp on portions.  So when I got to WI, it wasn't so much that I had actually gained .8lbs of fat or whatever, it was that I had this huge, nasty, greasey pile of fries sitting in my stomach.  And just to make myself feel a LITTLE better this morning, I hopped back on my scale.  138.6.  So like I said, I didn't gain this week.  Which is really disheartening because it had nothing to do with the fries.  Hopefully next week the scale will reflect my efforts.

The fries totally weren't worth it.  Not only did I feel terrible for devouring them, but since I'm not used to that type of food anymore, I felt physically sick.  And I can't stress this enough, I am not upset that I ate french fries.  I love french fries, and being able to eat them if I want is one of the HUGE draws od being on WW.  I can eat them and still be on plan.  So, I'm not upset that I ate fries, I am upset at the REASON I ate the fries.  I allowed a stressful situation to get the better of me, and I should know better.  But I didn't throw the rest of the day away.  I wasn't even hungry until after 8 last night.  I counted the fries as 20 PP (no clue how much they really were), which put me 5 over for the day.  Then I had a Lender's bagel with reduced fat cream cheese for dinner and 2 100 calorie packs putting me at 17 over for the day.  Which is no big deal because I had 38 WP's left, so still OP!  Today is a new day and the start of a new week, enjoy!

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  1. Liz - you'll hit it next week! No worries. Look at it this way - you did not gain anything, right? Even w/the french fries. And you admitted that the reason behind eating the french fries was the wrong one, right? :-)