Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday

So Level 2 RI30, um yeah.  One of the cardio circuits requires you to hold plank for the full 2 minutes.  Plank jacks followed by mountain clumbers,  followed by plank jacks and then mountain climbers again with no rest.  Is she crazy?  Seriously Jillian, wtf.  And I started the BBL contest today.  I did Bum Bum and for the first time tried Tummy Tuck (I have to do all the workouts as outlined in the calender for the contest).  My abs hurt about 15 seconds into TT.  Ouch.  Tomorrow it's RI30, CA and H&T.  I think I'm going to start adding the ankle weights to H&T. 

Oh and I took my "before" pics today.  I look so much better than I did back in November, but OMG I have a long way to go.  I look pretty good in jeans and my cute little tops, but yoga shorts, not so much.  So BBL should help with that.  I'm pissed now though that I haven't stuck with the program for more than 3 weeks.  If I had, I wouldn't be having these issues with my butt.  Summer is here and BBL is a 60 day program.  It's going to be AUGUST by the time I get the butt I want.  August.  Summer will practically be over.  Sucks.

Lastly my cousin is getting married in 17 weeks!  And coincidently, I have 17 more pounds to lose.  One pound a week for the next 17 weeks.  Normally I would say that is a reasonable goal, but it is summer time!  It's summer which means I drink more than usual because we all know this is beer weather.  And with all that has been going on (seperating from my kids' dad) I will have more free time since they will be at his house on weekends and whatnot which means I will have a lot more opportunities to drink since I don't drink when I have the kids.  Normally I will send them to their grandparents for a night once in a while so I can go out.  But they are going to be gone like EVERY weekend.  Yup, those beer calories are going to kill me and this goal of losing 17 lbs before the wedding.  Ah well.  Enjoy your Friday night everyone!

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