Thursday, May 24, 2012

WI 5/24

Tonight I weighed in at 132.6 which is 2.6 lbs down from last week!  56 lbs down total!  Thank you TOM, I must say I do love the extra poundage that comes off when you show up =)  Makes the cramps, cravings, and bitchy attitude totally worth it.  So tonight is my splurge night.  I had 3/4 of a serving of DiGiorno's dippin' strips pizza.  Didn't figure out the PP for that yet but I will. 

Tomorrow is my last day on FE this time around.  Also I have to take my measurements in the morning.  I think I'm just going to do BBL this weekend and then Monday I am going to commit to another month of Jillian workouts.  This time I'm going to do Ripped in 30, but I'm only going to do it 5-6 days a week instead of trying to do it every day.  Lesson learned last time, my body needs a break!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  I am so happy that summer is starting!  Sunday the kids and I are going to the annual car show over at M&M Mars.  It's a family tradition we have done every year since my son was born, wouldn't miss it for anything.  Also my Aunt Diane is home for a few weeks from Africa, so I will be heading back on over to Bergen County to see her.  I haven't seen her in 3 years!  Very excited.

The other awesome thing about Memorial Day weekend?  Summer is starting and I am okay with being in a bathing suit!  This has only ever happened TWO other times in my entire life that I have been thin for summer.  Words really truly cannot begin to describe how awesome it feels to not have to go to the beach in yoga pants and my kids' dads' t-shirts.  Because that's what I usually wear to the beach.  The beach.  I know, sad right?  Not this year.  This year I can show off my tattoo, yay!  So that is all I have for you guys tonight.  I will be back tomorrow or Saturday or something.  Not that I really expect anyone to read this this weekend, but I will post anyway =)


  1. I'll be posting this weekend too - and I'll be reading your blog as well. I am going to the beach on Saturday - supposed to be gorgeous. Hey quick thing - on your blog roll, could you change the name of my blog to Sorry if I'm annoying. :-)

  2. Have fun at the beach! I avoid the shore at all costs on holidays and weekends in general. We usually go during the week. The crowds just make it THAT much more difficult to keep tabs on the kids, ya know? And yes, I will change the name, not annoying at all =)

  3. I have fallen of the wagen lately, but I always read. I'll be posting too. So glad to hear you are doing so well! N & I head to the beach for Sunday into Monday and I'm excited to experience myself in a bathing suit again even though I'm not that far down. Have a blast this weekend!