Thursday, May 31, 2012

WI 5/31

Down .4.  Considering the major losses I've had the last 2 weeks, I'm pretty okay with this number.  I am just that much closer to where I want to be.  We're skipping t-ball tonight, I'm really drained after all the goings on and such.  Rick doesn't mind, he tripped and got a little boo boo on his knee anyway, so he felt it best if he took the night off.

Today was really just horrible.  Not in terms of weight loss or anything, but I had to do something that I really did not want to do.  It needed to be done, but that doesn't mean that I like it or I'm happy about it.  If any of you have read my I'm Sorry post, then you kind of have an idea of what I've been going through and yes, today was sort of related to that.  I'm trying to adjust to my new life, but I don't know how, nor do I really feel I'm ready to let go of my old life.  Even though I know it's for the better.  That doesn't make it any easier though.  Ironically, today of all days, my son's teacher sends this home

Are you freaking kidding me?  Seriously, today this gets sent home.  And yes, for those that don't know, my name is Liz.  Crazy right?  I think I actually may have said "That shit cray" while telling my friend about it.  I did win today.  I won, but I still feel like I lost. *sigh*  Whatever.

So today was my rest day.  Tomorrow I start level 2 of RI30 and also BBL is having a contest starting tomorrow (which means I have to take photos, yikes!) so I will be adding that as well.  Oh, and thanks to Kelly I just HAD to get some new Victoria's Secret stuff.  I got two new bras (like you all really needed to know!) and a pair of yoga shorts.  Omg, the shorts are so cute, can't wait to wear them!  Really?  I can't wait to wear shorts?  Me, the girl who wears jeans/yoga pants in 100 degree weather?  Who am I? Lol.  Oh and last night I booked the appointments for my brother and I to get our tattoos!  So psyched!  We go on the 16th, and no, we're not getting matching one's!  So that's all I got.  Enjoy your Thursday!                                                                                                                       

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have been so tired lately that I actually find myself going to bed between 9 and 9:30.  The problem with this is that I have been waking up at like 5:30.  My days just seem to be dragging and it sucks.  It's 11:30 and I'm ready for a nap!  I don't know if it's a result of the nice weather and being outside practically all day or if the stresses and things going on in my life are taking a toll and wearing me out.  Maybe a combination of both.

Anyway, I got RI30 in this morning and I am so looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!  I think I'm going to start Level 2 on Friday.  It has only been 5 days and already I am seeing some improvement in my physical capabilities.  On day 1 I could only bang out 12 push ups before falling to my knees to do the rest.  Today I did 20!  And then 15 when we repeated the moves to finish the circuit!  In 5 days I was able to add 8 pushups on the first round and 3 in my second.  I gotta say it feels pretty awesome.

I have been checking my weight this week, and as of this morning I am up .8 from last Thursday.  I had 2 huge weight loss weeks and this was a holiday weekend so I can live with it if that's what it is.  Plus I have obviously been adding muscle and there's probably some fluid retention going on so I can't be too mad about it.  We'll see what tomorrow brings though.  I will try to update tomorrow after WI, but I'm not making any promises.  I have to run to WW to get weighed, feed the kids, then head over to my son's t-ball game.  Anyway the point is tomorrow is going to be crazy so if I don't post tomorrow night I will update on Friday.  Have a good one!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Absolutely Insane

My little brother came to visit me last night.  He just bought Insanity and immediately upon hearing of his purchase I expressed my interest in wanting to do it as well.  He told me that once he completed the Month 1 dvds I could have them while he did Month 2, and then I would get Month 2 when he is done.  Sweet, one month and I get to do Insanity. 

He started yesterday and when he came to visit he thought to bring the Fit Test just so I could see what I was going to be in for.  I have been working out reguarly for several months now, and while I knew it was going to be challenging, I was fairly confident in my ability to completely annihilate however many reps my brother did since he hasn't worked out in some time.  I could not have been more wrong!

Just so we're all clear on what exactly the Fit Test is, I will give a brief explanation.  You do a warm up and then there are 8 exercises you must perform.  You do each exercise for 60 seconds and see how many reps of them you can do it that time.  Okay, first of all, the moves you do in the warm up?  I do those moves all the part of my actual workout!  Seriously Shaun T?  You want me to do like a full fledged workout as a WARM UP?  Yes, yes sir, you are insane.  Needless to say I was already breathing pretty heavy at the end of the warm up.  Then we got to the exercises.  I managed to bang out 71 switch kicks, 43 power jacks, and 59 power knees.  About the power knees though, that number is how many I did in 40 seconds, not 60.  I couldn't finish!  I was seriously about to pass out.  The infomerical was not kidding when they said "On day one, you will be humbled...." 

My brother was unable to finish the test as well, although he managed to make it through 5 of the exercises instead of 3.  I have one month to get in some serious shape so I can do this program!  I really can't get over how hard it is.  I mean, I understood it was going to be hard, I've seen the informercial and also they make a BIG promise.  If you want a body like the kind you see on t.v. in 60 days, then you must be doing some really hard work to get it.  But I didn't think it was going to be THAT hard.  It's kind of like when I had kids.  Everyone told me that having a child "changes your life".  Well no sh*t Sherlock, of course it does.  But I didn't realize until AFTER I had them just how much your life changes.

So anyway, that was my Insanity experiance.  Still doing my RI30 challenge, today was day 4.  I must say, I like this much better than 30DS, even though it is a bit longer.  She says it's 20 minutes, but it's really like 30.  Whatever, I like it and I get it done!  Hope you're all having a good day!

Monday, May 28, 2012


 My mom had so much food yesterday, it was insane!  I decided that instead of havig ribs or London broil, I was going to being a piece of chicken and ask her to grill it.  That way I could indulge in some of the other stuff she had.  So I had my chicken, 1 deviled egg, and 1/4 c. of her homemade potato salad.  Then there was the cornbread pudding.  She maybe makes it once a year.  I really had every intention of only having 1 piece.  But it was sooooo good, and as I just mentioned she doesn't make it all that often.  So this may very well be the only time this year I get to eat it.  So I had 2 more pieces.  Oops.  I estimated that they are 5 PP per piece.  All it is is cornbread with actual corn and some unflavored gelatin in it.  I did the best I could and tracked.  I used 14 WP's yesterday.

I also did RI30 and took the kids to the car show.  I parked at my mom's and walked down, it was only a couple blocks.  We walked around there for about an hour before heading back to my mom's house. I had to help her get everything ready.  It was a nice treat to see my dad 2 days in a row.  That hasn't happened since I was a kid spending the weekend at his house!  Okay, that's all I have for now, on to FMM!

FMM: One or the Other

1. Shower or Bubble Bath?  Shower
2. Money or Power? Money, because with money comes power then I can have both!
3. Country Music or Rap? Rap, hands down
4. Sunshine or Thunderstorms?  Both, but I would rather have many consecutive days of sunshine than of thunderstorms.
5. Uniform or Suit? Suit
6. Chocolate or Vanilla? Oooh, this one is tough.  Usually I will pick chocolate but if we're taking ice cream than vanilla with hot fudge nom nom nom
7. Beauty or Brains? Brains
8. Newspaper or Online News? Online
9. Marinara or Alfredo? Marinara
10. Lip Gloss or Lip Stick? Lip gloss
11. Beach or Mountains? Beach
12. Talk or Text? Depends on who it is
13. CNN or Fox News? You mean like Fox News station or Good Day NY?  I don't watch any news channels, but I do watch GD
14. Cake or Potato Chips? Cake
15. Movies at home or at the theater? Both
16. Bar or Bookstore? Best idea ever.  Bar IN a bookstore!
17. Rock or Pop? Both
18. Manicure or Facial? Both
19. Book or e-reader?  Book
20. Planes or Trains? Trains, I have panic attacks on planes, right Big Mama T?  This poor lady has had the um, pleasure of being on a plane with me.
Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions. Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! Happy Monday, and Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mid Holiday Update

After careful deliberations I decided just to go ahead and start the RI30 challenge yesterday.  Please keep in mind that I have been working out for a while, I think I am in fairly good shape.  Oh. My. God.  It was hard.  Level 1.  Level 1 was hard.  I didn't think Level 1 of 30DS was hard.  This was hard though.  So yay for me, I did it lol.

I got my workout in, took a shower, then around 10:30 the kids and I headed out to go to my dad's for a cookout.  Fortunately I was able to go visit my grandad before going to my dad's.  He is looking so much better!  He was dressed, sitting up, and able to talk to me.  He still is having a hard time swallowing and needs to be fed through a feeding tube, but he has made such a drastic improvement since I saw him last.  I visited with him for about a half hour before going to my dad's.

I knew there was going to be a big gap between when I had breakfast and having lunch so I had grabbed some baby carrots before leaving home.  By the time I got to my dad's it was almost 12:30.  I had 1/2 of a serving of tortilla chips (2PP) while I waited for the food to cook.  I had one piece of marinated chicken (4PP) on a bun (3PP).  I drank 2 bottles of water and had 3 mini eclairs for dessert (3PP).  Not bad.  I ended up going over my DP's by 2, I can live with that.

My brother bought Insanity last week, he just got it in the mail yesterday and was showing it to me.  That really is no joke!  I used the body fat thing to determine just how bad I still am.  As it turns out I'm only 28 or 29%!  So much better than I had thought.  Alex said when he was done with it he would let me try it out.  I'm kinda scared, lol.

And now for your viewing pleasure, some family photos!

 The woman in the black dress is my Aunt Diane, whom I believe I have already mentioned is home from Africa.  The man doing the grilling is my dad, the woman in purple is my step mom, the tall guy in the blue shirt is my little brother, and then of course my little babies!  So that's all I have for today, got to get my workout in, go to the grocery store, hit up the annual car show, then help my mom clean her house since she is having my dad & company for a cookout tonight!  Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Little Stuck

So here I am.  I finished FE and am wanting to do the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 (RI30) challenge.  But it's Saturday, and it feels weird starting at the end of the week.  I also don't want to do BBL because on their Facebook page they said starting in June they were going to do a contest so I'm waiting for that to start.  But I HAVE to workout today.  I have no clue what I should do.  I am indecisive by nature, about a lot of things, so this is really tough.  Le sigh.  Speaking of Jillian, had NO clue she was gay!  Not that it matters, but just wow.  Some how or another I didn't see that coming.  Congrats to her on becoming a mommy!

We're heading over to Bergen County today to have a little bbq at my dad's, and then tomorrow my mom has invited my dad, step mom, brother, and aunt over for a bbq at her house.  And of course we'll be there too!  I really love that after 25 years of being divorced my parents are still such good friends.  They really are.  If I ever end up divorced (which I hope I don't, but you never know....) I hope I can have a relationship with my ex that is even 1/2 as good as the one my parents have.  I know when you have kids, you kind of need to try and at least be civil, but I am 28 years old, there is really no need for my mom and dad to speak to eachother ever again.  But they do, they always have.  And even though they are both happily remarried, I don't think either of them could imagine not having the other in their life.  Two or three years ago after going into the city with my mom, we stopped at Steve's on the way home for dinner and invited my dad.  Do you have any idea what a trip it was to sit in a restaurant with both my parents (neither my stepmom nor stepdad were there) and have dinner?  Especially because it looked like they were still married.  They were laughing and joking and carrying on like they had been married the last 20+ years, not divorced.  So weird.

So I guess it's time for me to get off my butt and go make a decision about what to do today.  Enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

WI 5/24

Tonight I weighed in at 132.6 which is 2.6 lbs down from last week!  56 lbs down total!  Thank you TOM, I must say I do love the extra poundage that comes off when you show up =)  Makes the cramps, cravings, and bitchy attitude totally worth it.  So tonight is my splurge night.  I had 3/4 of a serving of DiGiorno's dippin' strips pizza.  Didn't figure out the PP for that yet but I will. 

Tomorrow is my last day on FE this time around.  Also I have to take my measurements in the morning.  I think I'm just going to do BBL this weekend and then Monday I am going to commit to another month of Jillian workouts.  This time I'm going to do Ripped in 30, but I'm only going to do it 5-6 days a week instead of trying to do it every day.  Lesson learned last time, my body needs a break!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  I am so happy that summer is starting!  Sunday the kids and I are going to the annual car show over at M&M Mars.  It's a family tradition we have done every year since my son was born, wouldn't miss it for anything.  Also my Aunt Diane is home for a few weeks from Africa, so I will be heading back on over to Bergen County to see her.  I haven't seen her in 3 years!  Very excited.

The other awesome thing about Memorial Day weekend?  Summer is starting and I am okay with being in a bathing suit!  This has only ever happened TWO other times in my entire life that I have been thin for summer.  Words really truly cannot begin to describe how awesome it feels to not have to go to the beach in yoga pants and my kids' dads' t-shirts.  Because that's what I usually wear to the beach.  The beach.  I know, sad right?  Not this year.  This year I can show off my tattoo, yay!  So that is all I have for you guys tonight.  I will be back tomorrow or Saturday or something.  Not that I really expect anyone to read this this weekend, but I will post anyway =)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LOMB & A Pic

Today was my daughter's school trip to the Land of Make Believe.  I called my son out of school so he got to go to.  I was going to upload pictures, but I left my iPod in the car and it's pouring out.  So yeah, not going to get it.  The water park won't open until this weekend, but they got to do rides.  The kids had a great time and it was nice to be outside.  So happy the weather held out!

Then we went to McDonald's to meet up with a new one of my mommy friends whose daughter is in dance class with Amber.  I really love play dates.  The kids have fun and I get to talk to other adults!  Sweet!  After that we went to my friend's house, her mom cut my hair for me.  I was in desperate need of a trim.  The last time I had my hair cut was before I went on my cruise last March!

I stayed on track with my eating today.  I brought a 1/2 serving of Stacy's pita chips and 10 baby carrots to LOMB with me and I stopped at home to make my wrap before McDonald's.  My wrap has more food in it and is 2 PP less than the snack wrap.  Plus it saves me money, which is always a bonus!  I also got my workout in today.  I did FE C4 C+S.  Yeah, forgot how tough that one is!  So tomorrow is WI (wow, already?) hopefully I did alright.  While I did workout 6 days this week and only used a handful of WP's I still get antsy before WI. 

Oh, and those shirts I bought yesterday?  I wore one of them today.  I bought all shirts in a small because even if they don't exactly fit now, they will shortly.  Anyway, this one fit perfectly every where EXCEPT the sleeves!  They are tight as hell.  But I guess that's just because I have tickets to the gun show.....
My arms still are nowhere NEAR as huge as they used to be, but they're getting there.  Can I just say how much I freaking LOVE having crazy muscular arms?  Like more than anything else I love having big biceps.  That's not even that good of a pic, I feel like you can't really tell how big they are.  But you get a general idea.  And yes, those are my extensions =)  I am also aware I'm making the duck face, but I always look weird in pics so I figured if I purposely made a weird face it would make me look less weird.  Did that make ANY sense?  Will check in tomorrow after WI!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finally Some Photos!

Okay, so I FINALLY have decided to upload some pics of my progress along the way.  Unfortunately I didn't start taking photos until I had already lost about 20lbs, but whatever.  You can see the difference between then and now.

These were taken the beginning of February when I was about 159lbs.

These next ones were taken at the end of March when I was about 145lbs

Okay, it's not letting me post those 2 side by side.  Whatever.  So these are roughly 15lbs lighter than I was in the 1st set.  I can really see a difference.  These last 2 pics were taken today.  I went to the mall with a friend of mine, and they have this place where you can drop your kids off for an hour, which is just what we did!  The kids had a blast at the play area and the mommys had fun being able to shop and try on clothes!  So this is me doing some retail therapy =)

See Kelly, no boobs at all!  I did not end up getting that top.  I really liked it, but I don't really have anywhere I would wear it.  This was in Deb.  I ended up going into Aeropostale where I bought 2 new shirts that I really like, and I got both for less than what I would have paid for just this one.  And no, I did not have my extensions in today, I had to wash them so they were at home air drying, lol.

I went to Dunkin Donuts today too and I tried that new MIB iced coffee flavor, it was delish.  I got a small so that only cost me 4 PP.  Then I caved and bought one of the MIB special flavor donuts.  THAT sucker was a whopping 10 PP!  So I had lunch as usual, dinner was a salad and one fat free hot dog.  I also had my dessert, and only went 3 PP over for the day.  Not too bad considering.  I also did CA from BBL, and walked around the mall for a bit =)  I'm feeling better today, obviously.  Shopping will do that for a girl....and Dunkin Donuts helped too!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Doing Better

Today is going a little bit better.  I slept alright, got my son off to school, got a workout in, took my daughter to dance, and went to Shop Rite.  Yup, just going through the motions.  I'm just so empty right now, total and complete emotional drainage.  And the weird thing?  I don't want to eat.  Woah.  Did I just say that?  Like for some reason it's not registering that I'm hungry and I kind of have to remind myself to eat.  Wish I had had this problem my whole life, maybe then I wouldn't struggle with my weight as much as I do.  It's strange that I can feel so empty and at the same time not have any kind of need to fill the void with something.  I mean, I guess it's better than drowning my sorrows in a box of Entemann's but still.

TOM showed up today.  3 days late.  Thank you stress.  So now on top of everything I also have the cramps from hell, because that's what I needed right now.  Ugh.  I'm sorry to be such a debbie downer guys.  I keep trying to look for a silver lining, something positive, but it's hard.

I can tell you a real face palm story that just happened to me yesterday.  Well actually, I have 2.  So yesterday I go to the A&P for my mom to help her out.  I don't know if I've mentioned before, but she has some problems with her legs and its hard for her to walk sometimes.  So I do some stuff to help her out.  I get to the A&P, throw my keys on the seat, get the kids out, press the lock button on the door and slam it.  Okay, let's see how many of you paid attention to that last sentence.  What went wrong here?  That's right, I threw my keys on the seat and then locked the door.  Awesome.  Really awesome.  So I had to call the police to come break into my car.

Second thing.  I have always had wi fi, but never got it to work.  I don't know why, but couldn't figure out the password (because for some reason the password for my internet is different? IDK), and it really wasn't worth my sitting on the phone with Verizon to figure it out.  So I just have had to sit with my laptop in one spot.  Not a big deal.  Well yesterday my LAN connection goes out.  The modem/router whatever you want to call it is fine, but the LAN just stopped working.  The wi fi light however was still lit up.  Wi fi worked just fine, excpet I can't get it to work.  I spent TEN MINUTES trying to figure out the code to connect to it.  When all of a sudden, I noticed right below where it was asking for the code, it said OR I could connect by pressing the wi fi button on the side of the router.  Are. You. Kidding.  This WHOLE time ALL I had to do was push a f***ing button?!?!?!  I really a kinda dumb sometimes lol.  So yeah, that was my Sunday.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Update

So I am slightly less of an emotional wreck than I was the other day.  It's still really difficult, and I don't expect for it to get better overnight.  Fortunately my daughter is still very young and it hasn't affected her too much.  My son however, is really having a tough time.  And I have to deal with it which makes the situation ever harder.  *sigh*

Yesterday we went to go visit my dad over in Bergen County.  It's about an hour's ride each way.  Dad did burgers and dogs on the grill.  There were chips, and potato salad and Hershey's chocolate creme pie.  So proud of myself, I had one burger patty (8PP) on a roll (3PP).  No chips, no potato salad.  Yay!  And I had 1/2 of a serving of the pie which I estimated to be 4PP.  So I think I did pretty well.  I did get a workout in, and went for a 40 minute walk.  I earned 6 AP's.  That's about all I have for right now.  Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Sorry

I have had the worst  36 hours ever in the entire history of my life.  No joke.  Never ever ever before have I felt so completely betrayed, angry, worried, emotions really run the gamet.  I am honestly literally heartbroken right now.  And I just wish I knew what the hell it is I ever did to deserve this.  All I can really say to the offender here is I'm sorry.

That's right.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry for every time I called out of work for you making excuses why you couldn't come in, even though the real reason was because you were drinking til 6 am and you just passed out.

I'm sorry for every time I got you fresh towels, picked out your clothes, and looped your belt through your jeans.  I'm sorry I took you everywhere you wanted to go whenever you asked me to because you won't get your license back til 2020 for stupid mistakes YOU made.

I am sorry for letting you have every penny I ever had so that you could go to the liquor store and get what you needed.  I'm sorry for writing you 135 letters for the 135 days you spent in jail. I'm sorry for going and visiting you while you were incarcerated.

I am sorry for always trying to protect you in situations where you should have been protecting me.  I'm sorry for doing nothing but love you for 7 years.  But most of all, I am sorry that for whatever reason my love was just not enough.

And lastly, I'm sorry it all had to end like this.  I never wanted this to happen, but I have given you one million chances.  I'm not stupid enough nor am I so weak that I would give you one million and one.  This is it, the absolute last straw.  And out of everything you have EVER done (which I will not mention here, I refuse to embarrass either of us like that), this is the deepest wound you have given me.  I am not sure I can ever forgive you, nor am I sure that you are very deserving of forgiveness at this time.  That stunt you pulled was really low, even for you.

I have been trying to hold onto you as much as I could.  The very thought of losing you, despite our history, kills me.  However, it is for the best.  No matter what, I will always love you, but we are in a place right now where we just need to sever as many ties as we can with eachother.  I wish you no harm, I hope that you will eventually get the help that you need.  I know the real you, and you are so much better than what you have allowed yourself to become.  I know this sucks right now, it sucks for me too.  I am doing my best to be strong, and you need to be strong too.  We will get through this hurt, but this time we will NOT be getting through it together.

Please for once in your life, take care of yourself.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

WI 5/17

So remember how last week after the fries I was up .8 but then I weighed myself later after the fries had digested and I was the same?  Well if you take my weight with the .8 lb gain, I lost......4.2!!!!  If you count me as staying the same, I'm down 3.4, which after Applebees, is freaking insane!  So I am very happy with that, obvs =) 

In other news, some d-bag who shall remain nameless stole my f***ing car while I was at the mall today with my kids.  I would like to be there when karma catches up to him  Needless to say since I had the day from hell and did really frickin amazeballs at WI, cashing in some AP's tonight. 

So that was my totally awesome day, will check in tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rainy Day Blues & Reality Shows

After a gorgeous weekend weather wise, it has been crap here for 2 days now.  Nothing makes me want to snack more that nasty weather.  On top of it, I made one bad decision and one good one at Shop Rite this morning.  Originally I picked up 2 packages (they were on sale 2/$5) of Milano Melts cookies.  I have been DYING to try these!  But then at checkout I thought better of the idea and put them back.  That was my good decision, obvi.  The bad one?  I bought a package of chewy Chips Ahoy! gooey caramel filled cookies.  Luckily I was able to stop myself at 2, but those 2 cookies cost me 4PP, and it wasn't even lunch time!

I got 2 workouts in today.  I did CA from BBL, and I even did SIWW.  Hadn't done that in a long time, thought maybe switching things up would have a positive effect on the scale.  I'll find that out in two more days!  If I start getting bored/hungry I think I may do another workout, maybe WATP?  Or I could take a nap, ha!

The kids and I are staying in again.  We made a sheep from Crayola Model Magic presto dots and now they're watching Tangled and I'm writing this.  Oh, and Joe Gorga is now following me on Twitter!  These last two weeks have been so huge for me as far as social media is concerned! Lol.   Things have really been coming to a head on RHONJ, can't wait to see what happens next week.  Yes, we all know by now what a reality show addict I am.  I said to Kelly today via Twitter that it's really hard to form an opinion of what we see on t.v. because it's really just a snippet of these people's lives and we're not getting the full story. 

In a way, blogs are a lot like reality t.v., only it's up to the blogger what gets put in and what doesn't, where as on a reality show the producer or whoever picks and chooses what to cut and what to keep.  As bloggers, we choose to share a part of out lives with the rest of the world (assuming the world wants to read it, it's out there!).  But a lot of the time you don't get the full story.  There is so much more to me than what I choose to write about for you, my 9 lovely followers, but it's stuff that I just don't want to share.  As far as my weight loss stuff I do tell you guys everything, my successes, my failures, my thoughts about what I'm doing or what I want to do or don't want to do.  I talk about my kids here and there, and I mention my guilty pleasure t.v. viewing.  But that's it. 

I have been fortunate enough (thus far) to not come across any meanies who make snap judgements on me based on a post or two, but I know a lot of you have had that.  Which is kind of my point.  How can anyone judge some one they have never met, based on this tiny little percentage of that person's life they have chosen to share?  When I tweet about RHONJ, I don't get nasty about it.  I don't say horrible things about Teresa because I have never met her, I don't know what's really going on in her head, and I don't see the entire conversations she has.  But I do nicely express my opinion of what I have seen on the show.  And that, my darling followers is what I hope all of us will continue to do (since you're all just so nice anyway) and also that is my hope that you will see the same kind of polite comments, even if the commenter disagrees with you.  So that's my rant du jour, enjoy your Tuesday!

Monday, May 14, 2012

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

FMM: All The Single Ladies (and Gents)

1. What is your current relationship status? Are you happy with that status? I’m single. I'm alright with it for right now.  I actually haven't been single since Dec '03, and being that I am only 28 that is a very long time!  I will find "The One", but just trying to focus on me & the kids atm.
2. Do you find it enjoyable to take care of someone in addition to yourself, or do you prefer to be responsible only for yourself? I enjoy taking care of my kids.  I don't want to be in charge of another adult.  Been there, done that, never again. 
3. What’s the most important physical characteristic in your mate/potential mate?  Arms.  I am a sucker for nice arms, and eyes too I think.  And he has to be, umm, well you know!  Size DOES matter guys, sorry ;)
4. What’s the most important (non-physical) characteristic in your mate/potential mate? Compassion, humor, serious when he has to be, but not like super serious, he needs to be able to be goofy.  I need a kind of go with the flow type.
5. Is it important to you that your significant other have the same hobbies and interests as you?  To a certain extent.  I don't want him to be a carbon copy of me, that would be boring.  But we do need to have some stuff in common.
6. If you could go out on a date with a celebrity who would it be? 

Oh, I'm sorry, am I drooling?  I have had a thing for this man since I was like 10, no joke!  And I don't care if he's 40, he is FINE!!!!  That's Nick Hexum, btw, front man of the greatest band ever, 311.  If you have never seen or heard of him before, well, you're welcome ;)
7. What’s your idea of a good first date? Dinner, go for a stroll some where.  Something where we can really talk and get to know eachother.
8. Are there any traits/habits that you’d consider a deal breaker?  Before a previous relationship I didn't think this needed to be said, but if you do NOT have a driver's liscence and won't be getting it back any time in the forseeable future, don't ever bother.
9. Okay ladies…Facial Hair: Yes, or No? Not usually, but it depends on the guy.
10. Would you marry someone who is opposed to diamond engagement rings?  He can be opposed all he wants, he doesn't have to wear it!
11. What do you wish you could do differently in your next relationship?  Nothing, I am awesome!
12. Is there anyone from your past that you’d like to date again now? Yeah, 3 people.  2 of them are engaged, and one of them is already married, so there goes that.......
13. Describe your worst first date story ever.  I really don't have a bad date story, honestly.
14. Describe the perfect date with your significant other.  Broadway show, carraige ride in Central Park (always wanted to do that!), dinner at Steve's.  Or we could just get take out and curl up on the couch watching t.v.  Whatevs.....
15. Would you date someone shorter than you? You must be at least 6' tall to ride this ride!
16. Share one (or a few) bonus traits that would be fun to find in an significant other (even if they aren’t as important as other traits.)  That's a toughie, not sure.....
17. What’s one thing you’d like to do with a significant other that you’ve never done with another? Exercise!  And go on vacay
18. PDA: Yes, or No?  As long as people don't look at us thinking we need to get a room, lol.  I like holding hands, maybe a little peck.  That's it.
19. Do you kiss on the first date?  Sometimes
20. Who, if anyone, makes your heart flutter?  Nick Hexum.  I've actually met him a few times and like legit thought I might pass out!

Wow! That’s a lot of questions! Now it’s your turn to answer them! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! Happy Monday Friends!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day & Girls' Night Out

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, hope you're enjoying your day.  I had a lovely breakfast with my mom.  Well, it was a bagel, that was all I could really afford to eat (more on that in a minute), but the time I spend with her was awesome.  Mom, I know you don't read this (at least I don't think you do!) but happy Mother's Day, I love you so much.

Okay, so last night I went out with Big Mama T for our monthly girls' night which we missed last month, boo.  We didn't do this usual bar thing, instead we went to get dinner.  I wasn't entirely sure where we were going, but I am comfortable enough OP to be able to figure out good choices.  We went to Applebees.  Okay, that's fine, I've done this 100 times.  She suggests the 2 for 20.  Now here is where I should have said, "I'm not that hungry, I think I'll just get the salad." Instead I say "Sure!  I'm STARVING." 

A half order of boneless wings, bacon cheddar cheeseburger, fries, Miller Lite, and dessert shooter later I'm feeling very full.  I figured it was probably okay because I still had 15 PP left for the day before having to use any WPs.  I was like okay, burger = 15PP, fries = 7, beer = 4, wings =10, and dessert = 7.  So 43 PP altogether, minus the 15 I had left put me at 28 WP's used.  Oh how I couldn't be more wrong.  The REAL numbers are this:
Burger = 26
Fries = 11
Beer = 4
Wings = 15
Dessert = 10

Now remember folks, I still had 15 PP left for my Daily Target.  I was a whopping 51 POINTS OVER MY DAILY.  That meal cost me 66 PP.  SIXTY SIX PEOPLE.  So that took care of my WP's and a few AP's.  Holy sh*t.  Lesson learned.  Luckily I had already worked out, and while I was waiting for her I took a 20 minute walk.  And then after dinner we went on another 20 or so minute walk together.  Good call.  A 40 minute run would have been better, but 1) neither of us is really in good enough shape to run more than like a minute or 2 at a time and 2) we probably would have puked.

So this morning I did a 45 minute medium intensity Zumba class on the Wii.  It told me I burned 441 calories.  Anyone know how accurate it is?  All my info on my profile is up to date.  I also did Cardio Axe from BBL.  I have earned 8 AP's today, and I have every intention of taking the kids to the park and walking.  I know I may be over doing it a tad, but I really need to try to counter act what I did last night.  I'm watching my points today, I can't go over.  So that's it I guess.  Enjoy your Sunday, and again happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back on Track

I'm feeling much better than I did Thursday, and even yesterday morning.  I got my workout in super early yesterday and only used 3 WP's last night.  When I'm done writing this, I'm going to get my workout in.  Today is going to be busy.  I have laundry to do, Rick has a t-ball game at 10 and since it's going to be nice out we will probably end up staying and playing for a while.  Then I have to take the kids to their dad's this afternoon and go meet up with Big Mama T and catch up.  We missed our monthly girl's night last month.

I'm a little nervous for tomorrow.  My mom and I are going to go out to breakfast.  I would really love to go to Ihop, not because I think it's anything special, but because I know PP values!  My mom wants to go to this place in town, Stella G's.  I've only ever been there once, and it is very good.  However it's out of my comfort zone and they don't have the nutrition info.  Also, last time I was there for lunch so I have no idea what is on the breakfast menu.  I'm going to see if they have a website real quick before I turn my computer off for the morning.

Enjoy your weekend! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

WI 5/10

I stayed the same.  Seriously?  I worked so hard this week, barely used and WP's, worked out....Ugh.  Well actually, according the the WW scale, I was up .8.  I'm not counting that though, and I'll tell you why.  I hopped on the scale yesterday morning.  138.6.  Exactly the same as last week.  Then ended up taking the kids to this little burger & ice cream place where we live that is like a staple around here.  The kids had never been.

Their dad was here for a visit since our son had t-ball and without going into too much detail, it ended up being a very stressful situation.  So stressful in fact, that even though I had already eaten lunch, I polished off and entire order a french fries.  The whole thing.  And this place does NOT skimp on portions.  So when I got to WI, it wasn't so much that I had actually gained .8lbs of fat or whatever, it was that I had this huge, nasty, greasey pile of fries sitting in my stomach.  And just to make myself feel a LITTLE better this morning, I hopped back on my scale.  138.6.  So like I said, I didn't gain this week.  Which is really disheartening because it had nothing to do with the fries.  Hopefully next week the scale will reflect my efforts.

The fries totally weren't worth it.  Not only did I feel terrible for devouring them, but since I'm not used to that type of food anymore, I felt physically sick.  And I can't stress this enough, I am not upset that I ate french fries.  I love french fries, and being able to eat them if I want is one of the HUGE draws od being on WW.  I can eat them and still be on plan.  So, I'm not upset that I ate fries, I am upset at the REASON I ate the fries.  I allowed a stressful situation to get the better of me, and I should know better.  But I didn't throw the rest of the day away.  I wasn't even hungry until after 8 last night.  I counted the fries as 20 PP (no clue how much they really were), which put me 5 over for the day.  Then I had a Lender's bagel with reduced fat cream cheese for dinner and 2 100 calorie packs putting me at 17 over for the day.  Which is no big deal because I had 38 WP's left, so still OP!  Today is a new day and the start of a new week, enjoy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some Excitement

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with weight loss, but I'm going to blog about it anyway.  For those of you who know me, I am a huge Housewives fan.  I like Beverly Hills, OC and Atl are alright, but NJ Housewives is my personal favorite.   I love all NJ reality shows, mosty because I know where a lot of the scenes are shot and I just think it's cool that it's on t.v.  I just like reality shows in general (calorie free guilty pleasure!), but I really like the NJ one's.

So anyway, I was having a conversation this morning via Twitter with a bloggy friend of mine about this past episode of RHONJ, and I was sending those tweets to Melissa Gorga as well.  Well I guess she liked what I had to say because she is now following me!  I can't even begin to put into words how excited I am over this.  I immediately freaked out and started calling people and even made it my Facebok status.  And now I'm talking about it here, lol. 

I really need to get off the computer and go do my workout, I didn't get to it yet, was a lot busier this morning that I had anticipated.  First my son's bus broke down I guess because it never showed to pick him up, so I had to take him.  Then I ran to Walmart to get a ceramic flat iron for my extensions.  The people I bought my hair from said that the metal ones ruin your hair (I own a metal one) and that I needed ceramic.  They sell them for $99.  No thanks.  I found a ceramic one at Walmart for $12, so that's what I got.

After that I headed to Kohl's to get new pants (not size 3 *madface*) and a couple of new shirts.  I'm still pissed that I walked in there wearing size 3 jeans and walked out having bought jeans in a size 9.  Same brand people!!  That's a big difference.  But whatever.  And then after that it was off to Shop Rite.  I came home, put the groceries away, made lunch for Amber and myself and then just thought I would check my social media and that's when I got the news about Melissa =)  I guess that makes up for me going up 3 jean sizes today, lol.  Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Major NSV!!!

Okay, so before I get to my NSV, I just want to say that I have been really good about sticking to my workouts.  I have not been doing great on the not using my WP's thing.  Saturday I was completely screwed from the funnel cake as I mentioned, and then the impromtu smores thing just threw me over the edge.  Yesterday I used 2 WP's.  Not bad, but still not on my plan for the week. *shrugs*

My grandfather is doing much better.  He's gained 7lbs since they put the feeding tube in!  So he's getting stronger, but they still have no clue why he can't swallow.  Hopefully they will figure it out and correct it soon.

Okay, so have I built up enough suspense over my NSV yet?  I'm sure you're all on the edges of your seats, lol.  Okay, so yesterday when I was getting dressed I found a pair of jeans I have had since I was in high school.  In good condition, no holes or anything.  And I started to wonder if they would fit.  Well they do fit!  They are just a little on the snug side, but I don't have to lie down and suck it in to get them buttoned or anything.  Can you guess what size they are?  THREE.  Size mother f*ckin THREE.  YES!!!  They may be what a size 3 was 10 years ago (obviously they've changed their size charts since I STILL can't fit into those damn 7's!!!), but still.  If you look at the tag on my pants, it says 3, and that's what really matters =)  I still have a long way to go, but damn it feels good to wear those jeans again!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Things Just Aren't Worth It

The Spring Festival is here in town. We ended up going on Friday night, and then some friends invited us to meet up with them yesterday so we went again.  We didn't get to stay very long since my son had a t-ball game at 2, but they got to do a few rides and see friends so it was fine.  On the way out the kids were asking for a snack.  I didn't allow them to have anything on Friday since they had already had dinner and stuff before we left.  So I stopped and got a funnel cake which we split 3 ways.  Well after the game when we got home, I checked WW online and found out that 3rd of a funnel cake cost me 9 effing points!!  9!!!  And it was good, but not 9 points good.  I could have had a WW mac & cheese and a WW ice cream cone for 9 points.  I could have had a slice of pizza and a FiberOne brownie for 9 points.

I ended up going 9 over my points yesterday, which I'm okay with.  I worked out yesterday and had parked a good distance from the festival so we had to walk.  Plus I chased the kids around the yard last night after dinner, although I didn't count the AP's for that.  My goal for this week is to not use any more of my WP's, I really would like to see a nice loss on Thursday.  Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Extenstions Pic

Been really busy with the kids.  Since it's been s nice out we have been outside where we belong! Lol.  But since Kelly requested a pic of my extensions I thought I would post one real quick.

Please pardon the weird expression on my face.  The pink hair I just got today, I was feeling a little funky, lol.  Aside from the pink one, they look real, right?  Tell me the truth guys =)  I'm off to take the kids to the spring festival, enjoy your Friday night!

WI 5/3

Sorry I haven't been  around much this week, it's just crazy here lately.  But I am happy to report that just because I haven't been here does not mean that I have fallen off plan, I am still very much OP.  And with that, I will post this week's WI.  I am down 1 lb for a grand total of 50lbs lost!  I was very happy with my loss, but also disappointed it wasn't more.  You all know how that goes.

My grandfather is in stable condition.  That's a good thing at least.  However, he's not quite "with it".  My dad went to go visit him and he thought he was on a ship off the coast of  England.  Not really sure what to make of that.  I'm hoping he makes a full recovery soon.

On a lighter note yesterday I decided I was going to do something for myself.  So I went and got my extensions!  It is amazing how something so small can make such a big difference.  My confidence level literally shot through the roof.  I will have to post a pic.  AND since it was a new girl working at the kiosk I got them at an amazingly low rate.  I kinda told her I had already bought a box and just wanted to have some extras, so instead of the $450 they wanted to charge me, I got them for $125.  Mind you, they charge you $450 because they "throw in" a "free" straightener which is regularly priced at $200 and as an "added bonus" they give you the special shampoo and condititioner.  In short when you buy the extensions you're paying for the freebies, so please don't feel like I ripped this poor girl off.  I saved myself from getting ripped off.  And the best part is that if I care for them well they will last up to 5 years, and even if I have to replace them after 1 or 2 years, I just got back there with my reciept and they will replace them FOR FREE.  So well worth the money, and actually since they do repace them for free for the rest of forever, they are actually probably worth paying the $450 for, but I just don't have that kind of cash laying around for fake hair, kwim?

Well that's it for now, I have to get the kids ready for school and get ready to head off to work myself  Enjoy your Friday!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 28 Day Shred

Yup, I didn't make it to 30.  I was so close!  I'll tell you what happened.  I over did it.  It is really not meant to be done for 30 consecitive days.  I went to do it Sunday, had the dvd all cued up, and I just couldn't.  My shoulders, arms, and back were not going to allow me to do the walking planks, or the mountain climbers, or the walking push-ups, or the plank rows with leg raises.  Let me tell you, it was amazing that I was able to change my shirt.  So it's not that I flaked, if I had I would admit it.  I just couldn't do it.  However I am very proud of myself for sticking with it for 28 days.  That's a really huge deal. 

So Sunday was a rest day, even though I wasn't really resting.  I took the kids to Dinosaur Day over at the Newark Museum.  They had such a blast, really glad we went.  I like doing neat stuff like that with them.  It was sponsered my Field Station Dinosaurs which is opening in just a few weeks in Secaucus!  I can't even begin to tell you how stoked I am to take the kids to that.  For those of you in the area with kids, google or bing that, it's going to be fun times!  And it's educational which is such a bonus.  I love when I can do fun stuff with them AND they get something out of it.

I was right back on with working out yesterday.  I did BB from BBL and have restarted FE.  I had to do C1S last night, but I only used my 3lb weights because I'm still hurting and I really couldn't handle anything heavier.  But I got it done and today need to do BBL's CA and H&T.  I'll make it happen.  I love that this is all lower body so I can give my upper body a break!

In sadder news, my grandad is in the hospital.  He broke his hip and needed to have surgery but since then he has developed pnuemonia, had minor heart failure the other day, and can't swallow.  I'm really hoping things turn around and he makes a full recovery.  I went to go visit him Sunday and my very first thought when I saw him was that that was going to be the last time I saw him alive.   So yeah.  I'm really not good at this kind of stuff, I never know what to do or say.  I'm really upset, he is my last grandparent and while I don't want him to go, I don't want him to suffer either.  So that's it, will update again hopefully tomorrow.