Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LOMB & A Pic

Today was my daughter's school trip to the Land of Make Believe.  I called my son out of school so he got to go to.  I was going to upload pictures, but I left my iPod in the car and it's pouring out.  So yeah, not going to get it.  The water park won't open until this weekend, but they got to do rides.  The kids had a great time and it was nice to be outside.  So happy the weather held out!

Then we went to McDonald's to meet up with a new one of my mommy friends whose daughter is in dance class with Amber.  I really love play dates.  The kids have fun and I get to talk to other adults!  Sweet!  After that we went to my friend's house, her mom cut my hair for me.  I was in desperate need of a trim.  The last time I had my hair cut was before I went on my cruise last March!

I stayed on track with my eating today.  I brought a 1/2 serving of Stacy's pita chips and 10 baby carrots to LOMB with me and I stopped at home to make my wrap before McDonald's.  My wrap has more food in it and is 2 PP less than the snack wrap.  Plus it saves me money, which is always a bonus!  I also got my workout in today.  I did FE C4 C+S.  Yeah, forgot how tough that one is!  So tomorrow is WI (wow, already?) hopefully I did alright.  While I did workout 6 days this week and only used a handful of WP's I still get antsy before WI. 

Oh, and those shirts I bought yesterday?  I wore one of them today.  I bought all shirts in a small because even if they don't exactly fit now, they will shortly.  Anyway, this one fit perfectly every where EXCEPT the sleeves!  They are tight as hell.  But I guess that's just because I have tickets to the gun show.....
My arms still are nowhere NEAR as huge as they used to be, but they're getting there.  Can I just say how much I freaking LOVE having crazy muscular arms?  Like more than anything else I love having big biceps.  That's not even that good of a pic, I feel like you can't really tell how big they are.  But you get a general idea.  And yes, those are my extensions =)  I am also aware I'm making the duck face, but I always look weird in pics so I figured if I purposely made a weird face it would make me look less weird.  Did that make ANY sense?  Will check in tomorrow after WI!

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