Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Update

So I am slightly less of an emotional wreck than I was the other day.  It's still really difficult, and I don't expect for it to get better overnight.  Fortunately my daughter is still very young and it hasn't affected her too much.  My son however, is really having a tough time.  And I have to deal with it which makes the situation ever harder.  *sigh*

Yesterday we went to go visit my dad over in Bergen County.  It's about an hour's ride each way.  Dad did burgers and dogs on the grill.  There were chips, and potato salad and Hershey's chocolate creme pie.  So proud of myself, I had one burger patty (8PP) on a roll (3PP).  No chips, no potato salad.  Yay!  And I had 1/2 of a serving of the pie which I estimated to be 4PP.  So I think I did pretty well.  I did get a workout in, and went for a 40 minute walk.  I earned 6 AP's.  That's about all I have for right now.  Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.


  1. Liz, I'm sorry you're going through this tough time right now. I really hope it starts to get better soon.