Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update 7/5 & a Pic

So I did not go for my run again today.  I did do the first 4 circuits plus half of the 5th of Jillian's BFBM.  I was DRIPPING in sweat.  It was so gross.  I have WI tonight, a little nervous since I had the BBQ Saturday, and yesterday I ate after I posted.  Yup, I did, not going to lie here.  I had a 2 PP WW ice cream cone, 10 baby carrots, and 16 Wheat Thins.  I stopped myself before I went over board.  I still consumed more than I should have.

After getting in my workout and showering I got some work done, had lunch, then took the kids swimming at my friend's house.  I laid out and worked on my tan some more.  I am getting pretty dark (well here in Jersey I'm still technically pale, but it's dark for me!) and I am loving it!  Now we're home, in the a.c.  It was getting a little too warm out there for me.  I did get myself a DD iced coffee, but I've been very good this year about getting smalls instead of mediums.  Baby steps people, baby steps.  And my 311 tickets for PNC came!!  Hell yeah!  I am BEYOND excited for this.  22 more days til my first show of the summer down in Philly.  I don't want to wish my summer away, but I can't wait for it to get here!

And just 'cause I feel like it, here's my new piercing.

I really didn't think it through before I got it.  Because my tummy is still jiggly, it hurts like mad when I work out.  Also, not too good for laying on my stomach to tan my back.  Oh well.


  1. Uhh, what jiggle? Where is this jiggle you speak of, because I don't see it, honey.

    1. Aww, thanks Kel! But I do have it. I am laying down and sucking in here! I've had 2 kids, I have the mommy pooch, *shrugs* it happens