Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back At It

I got these coupons for Gold's Gym in the mail.  No sign up fees, and it's completely free until September!  Sweet!  So of course I went there to sign up.  I ended up getting locked into an 18 month contract, but my first 2 months are free, I didn't have to pay the $99 start up fee, I get a free training session, and instead of $54/mo it's only going to be $46.  That's including tax.  It's more money than I really should be spending, but I'm getting bored.  I'm not happy with my workouts and I feel like running is kind of a cop out.  I spend maybe 20 minutes doing it and that's it.  I come home, do some strength training reps and call it a day.

My other hope is that maybe the gym can help me with my problem areas.  Everything I have tried at home doesn't seem to be working, maybe this can help.  If I am able to get rid of my pooch and reduce the size of my derierre this will be money well spent!  And the gym is soooo nice!  They have this kids area ($4/kid/day or $20 unlimited for the whole month, shit yeah!!) where they do arts and crafts and play games and stuff.  They have a movie theater with treadmills, bikes, stair climbers so you can enjoy a film while you get your sweat on.  They have t.v.'s out in the main gym area but I almost never like what's on there and if there were other people there ahead of you, you don't get to change stations.  I really like the movie thing though, that is wicked awesome.  Then they have a seperate weight/cardio room just for us ladies!  We can work out in the main gym, but if we feel too intimidated or if we don't want the guys checking us out or whatever we can go to our own area.  Plus there restroom/locker room is amazing.  Lockers, toilets, showers, and a sauna!  This is the nicest gym I have ever been in, and I haven't set foot in a gym in about 6 years, so I don't know if all this is kind of standard now but I f*cking love it!

And then of course there's the classes, which were always my personal favorite.  I didn't get to take any today, but I am thinking of going to cardio kickbox tomorrow morning at 9.  And they have Zumba!  So excited to try that.  Plus my old favorite, step aerobics, and I'll get to do yoga and pilates.  There is just so much they have to offer I'm a little overwhelmed.  I did a little stationary biking, and a few minutes on this machine that's kind of like an elliptical but it's better because there's different things you can do with it, I did some strength training, and finished up with a sesh on the treadmill.  In total (except for the weights) I burned 330 calories!  Not bad for my first day back and considering I had NO CLUE what I was supposed to be doing, lol!  My training session is this Thursday, I had a specific trainer in mind and the earliest she could get me in was Thursday.  She used to work at the gym I used to belong to way back when I was a teenager.  I met her when I was 13, I used to take all her classes and she was my trainer back then.  Well now she works over at Gold's, which is another reason why I decided that I was going to go to that gym.  Anyway, since she already knows me and we have a history together, I really wanted her.

So that's it for today, enjoy your Saturday everyone!


  1. With an 18 mo membership you'll get to try all of it! I've never taken zumba - shoot, i haven't been dancing since I was 17!yikes! i USED to love step!!

    I love places that offer cool things for the kiddies! That's always a plus :)

  2. So glad to hear that they offer so much, including awesome child care! Can't wait to hear about all the cool stuff you get to try!