Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!  I decided to be lazy and take the day off from working out.  The kids and I went to my dad's for lunch.  He was making ribs, so I brought a turkey burger for myself with a honey wheat sandwich thin.  I spread some of my step mom's home made guacamole on it. OMG sooooo good!

I also had 8 tostidos, some dipped in the guac, others in her black bean dip (also amazeballs), and some raw broccoli.  I did pretty awesome until I had 2 (yes 2) of those mini brownie things you get at the super market.  They were 130 calories each, yikes!  I figure I ate about 30 PP total today, which is only 1 over what I'm supposed to eat, so really I didn't do horrible.  Except that I haven't had dinner yet.....crap.

Still debating on whether or not we're going to fireworks tonight.  I am really feeling burnt out, and despite actually kind of sleeping in today, I'm exhausted.  We shall see.  Enjoy everyone!

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