Saturday, July 21, 2012

Night Out, Confidence Booster & 311

I had 13 Points left of my dailies before I headed out last night.  I had 2 beers, the chicken quesadillas (didn't eat the rice or the beans), and a handful of chips with their salsa.  I think I way overestimated on the quesadillas but I would rather do that than underestimate and end up eating more this week than I should.  Then we went to Dairy Queen.  I got the snack size Oreo cheesequake blizzard, 10 PP.  Althogether I used 28 weeklies last night.  Not bad.  I did much more damage that night at Applebees with Big Mama T.  All in all I had a great night.

I made it to Zumba yesterday.  I don't feel like I got a workout in.  Not a fan, I will stick to my step classes and doing Zumba at home on the Wii.  But at least I tried it.  I'm going out to breakfast with my mom in a little bit, I want to talk her into Ihop since I know what I can get there and the calculations.  Hopefully we'll be done in time for me to make it to step.  If not, I have to hit the gym anyway and start burning some of this off! 

After that I'm going to head into work, I need to start making some serious bank!  311 just anounced their 2013 cruise and they said they will NOT be doing another one in 2014.  I was on the first one back in 2011, but had to miss this year.  I HAVE TO GO.  I don't even remember if I already blogged about this yesterday, but oh well I'm probably going to continue writing about it, so get used to it!  Lol.

Oh, and lastly, my brother totally made my day yesterday.  He texted me and said that he was talking to his boy at work, and somehow it came out that Alex (my brother) has a sister.  So the guy was asking him about me, like how old I am and stuff.  So then he asks if Alex has a picture of me, so Al pulls up the pic of me in the black tank and pink shorts (which I posted on here somewhere) and the guy says "Hook me up!"  Wow, that just made me feel good.  It was a nice compiment.  So that's it for today, hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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