Saturday, July 14, 2012

NSV's, New Ink, & A Request

I went to the gym yesterday morning and put in 20 minutes on the arc trainer, 10 on the treadmill and then I did weight lifting for my lower body.  I was pretty happy with that although in the afternoon I decided to get in some core work.  I did 180 crunches (regular, reverse, oblique you name it!) plus 10 sit ups and a plank.  Then for the hell of it I threw in 50 jumping jacks.  I don't even know why, lol.  I also stayed within my 26 PP, that felt really good.  Especially since last night was movie night with my kids and we ended up watching Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.  You know, the good one, the original from the 70's.  Not the crazy new one I've never even seen the whole way through.  Normally when I watch that movie I get the chocolate cravings BIG time and eat an insane amount of sweets during the course of it.  But I didn't last night.  I sat through the whole thing and didn't get up for so much as a bite of something!  And another big NSV for me here, I actually ate 3 whole servings of veggies!  Wow!  Lol.  It's paying off, hopped on the scale this morning. 125.4.  So on the WW scale I would be 124.9!  Going in the right direction again!  I am going to try and lay off the scale for a few days, no promises though. ;)

I was a big brave girl, I did it.  I got my tattoo!  It didn't hurt as much as I had thought it would, but it still hurt a lot more than my other 2.  I really like the artist that did it (he did my last one), he was so good and understanding and QUICK!  Originally I had been told it would take an hour.  I was out in 30 minutes once he started!  Here it is, and yes I am sucking my stomach in as far as it will go in this pic!  I WISH I looked like that!

It's a little on the tender side, but I shall surivive!  I really didn't think this out too well though, this is going to seriously mess with me laying out getting my tan on.  I know I don't really show my stomach anyway, but the fact that it is so much whiter than the rest of me drives me nuts!

I am sorry to say I will not be going to the gym this morning.  I am going to do a work out at home, right now I'm leaning towards BBL's CA.  By the time I'm done here I should be ready to roll with that.  We have a birthday party for one of my daughter's friends from dance class to go to and it starts at 10.  The class I wanted to take today at the gym starts at 10, so yeah, not going to work!

I really need to start writing drafts for this because I had a whole bunch of stuff in my head last night that I wanted to write about and now I can't remember.  Oh well, it will come back to me.  I think, lol.  Oh and I know a lot of you are into the green monster smoothies.  I know I could look up recipes online, but I would like to know how YOU make yours.  I think I want to give them a shot!  So if you make those, if you would be willing to share, what you put in yours, how much, and (if you can) estimate the calorie count I would really really appreciate it.  Enjoy your Saturday everyone!


  1. Not getting up to get something to snack on during a movie - ya, HUGE! That would be huge for me too! We ALWAYS...ALWAYS make popcorn and I ALWAYS eat too much of it!

    I'm the same way w/having so much to say in my mind, then 'poof' 1/2 goes away when it's time to write it down :)

    I tried the green smoothies, just couldn't really get into it. Don't know why. Good Luck!

  2. Woo! Big win on not snacking though the film! (that C&CF is just the best!)

    Writing a draft is such a good idea! I've never even considered that before! DUH. Thanks for the idea.

    I've never made my own green smoothies so I hope you get some great recipes. :)