Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dead Lifts & Dead Arms

I made it to the gym yesterday even though I really just was not feeling it.  I took a class called Bogy By Golds, and it's a total body strengthening/toning class.  Note to self, when taking BBG, show up early, it fills up quick!  There was barely enough space for me all the way in the back.  I needed 2 sets of dumb bells and a barbell.  Um, wow.  If I thought my arms hurt after cardio kickbox last week, I obviously had no idea what was going to happen after BBG!  Ouchies!  By the end of it, my legs were so tired that I completely skipped the cardio, couldn't do it.  I am going to try and make it to Zumba this morning, but I have an appointment at 10, so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to.  I hope I can, I've been dying to try it!

Yesterday ended up being a really great day overall.  I got all my work done, my workout in, took the kids swimming at our friend's for about 2 hours while I laid out and worked on my tan, then went to see Ice Age.  It was okay, I was really expecting it to be better, the previews had me all excited.  The others were a lot better, they need to stop now.  The kids had fun though which is what's important. 

I hopped on the scale this morning (so much for me NOT doing that this week, huh?), and 124.4!  I hope I can keep this up.  Although I was thinking this morning, I really haven't done that bad.  if you think about it, I have pretty much maintained my weight for an entire month!  I should feel pretty accomplished.  So that's all I got for you for now, happy Wednesday!


  1. Great job with your exercises! Cardio kickboxing sounds SUPER fun and challenging.

    Congratulations on another great weigh-in :)

  2. I'm a daily weigher too. REALLY wish I wasn't.

  3. You've done great maintaining :)