Friday, July 20, 2012

Official WI 7/19 & NSV's

Last night at WW I was (drumroll please) 124.8.  Yay!  I weighed myself right before I went and there is a .4 lb difference betwee my scale and the WW scale.  This morning (we all know I had to do this) I was 124.4 at home which would make me 124.0 at WW!  I am honestly going to put my scale away this week, I am done driving myself crazy.  I really want the rest of this weight to come off, but at the same time I am pretty happy at the job I have done maintaining.  I even gave into a craving yesterday BEFORE WI! 

I really really wanted a donut so I drove to Dunkin and bought an Oreo crumble AND a double chocolate.  Normally I would have devoured both of them but instead I ripped them into quarters and only had 1/4 of each, so I had 1/2 donut total.  I split the rest between my daughter, my friend, and her son.  That would be NSV #1 for the day.  1/2 of a donut, I really never thought I'd see the day!

NSV #2 would be that I didn't go hardcore on the binging like usual after WI last night.  I used 8 weeklies and still had 11 left I could have used.  I don't like the way I feel after a binge, I really hate that nasty gross bloated feeling.  No bueno.

And finally NSV #3.  I had to put on actual pants to go to Dunkin, I was just lounging around yesterday but if I'm going somewhere I have to get dressed.  Well my favorite pair of jeans (the size 3's) I'm saving for tonight because I'm going to dinner with some friends (P is getting the kids this afternoon) so I didn't want to wear those.  And I really just refue to wear sizes that are bigger (except for my 2 pairs of shorts because I don't own anything smaller yet) so I grabbed another old pair of jeans from my closet.  Well, they're not that old, I've had them about 3 years.  ANYWAY I put them on and they fit.  Not gonna lie, they're a little snug, I do have a little muffin top, but I didn't have to lay down or do any fancy wiggling to get them on.  SIZE ONE.  Yeah, that's right size mother effing ONE.  And then I went and got donuts, because that's perfectly logical lol.   I didn't think I could fit into 1's weighing 125.  The good thing about that is that it means even though I weigh more than I did the last time those pants fit, my body is leaner and more muscular, which is fantastic!

I didn't make it to yoga yesterday, youtube wouldn't work for me to do it at home, so I did FE's C4C.  Since I'm going out tonight I will be hitting the gym this morning.  Have a great Friday!!

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  1. Congratulations on you fabulous weigh in and all your great NSVS! You've totally earned it!