Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stalling & 311

I was able to speak to Stacy yesterday before class.  She suggested just using the risers on the step for half the class and taking them off.  So I tried that but I didn't feel challenged enough.  She also said that I am probably just getting used to getting back into harder workouts and that it's good to push myself but to listen to my body and that I had done the right thing by leaving.  I'll figure it out.

I did get out the scale yesterday (though I did NOT weigh myself Sunday!) and I was 125.2 which means on the WW scale I would be 124.8.  So basically I haven't gained or lost.  This is really so annoying.  I'm so close I can taste it and yet I just can't seem to get there.  I know I should be proud and happy that I have lost as much as I have, that I'm at a healthy BMI, and that I have been able to maintain so far, but ugh.  I joined the freaking gym and will be shelling out more money than I really have every month starting in September so I would really like to see the scale start moving in a downward direction.  I don't even want to go to the gym today.  I actually might skip it today and do something at home.  I'm pretty sore today and my body just feels tired.

I'm so happy today looks like it's going to be a good weather day.  The kids can swim and I can tan.  I've been feeling like I'm getting a little pale =)  3 more days til 311!  Words cannot possibly even begin to describe how excited I am for this.  I haven't seen them since December, this is killing me!  I should be used to it though, I go through it every year.  If you haven't heard them or heard of them, here is a song off their newest album that was released last year.  I'm so obsessed with this song!  And since it's July I thought it was fitting.

They are such an awesome band to see live.  I have yet to see any live act that can top them.  And they're not fancy.  They don't use crazy pyrotechnics or have back up dancers.  It's just them and their fans out in the crowd and the energy is just so intense.  I leave every show bruised, sore, deaf, and voiceless but it is always worth it.  They've toned it down a lot, in the beginning they used a lot of 4 letter words, my mom always used to hate that.  But then I told her to look past the language they were using and listen to what they were saying.  Their whole message is "Stay positive and love your life."  How can you not love that?

Sorry, I can go on and on about 311 FOREVER in case you hadn't noticed!  In high school I took a public speaking class and we had to do a 20 minute speech.  It could be on anything.  Well, clearly I can talk about 311 for more than 20 minutes so that's what I picked.  Not to brag or anything, but I did get an A =)

Hopefully at least some of you made it through all that!  I'm going to try and not dwell on my stalled progress today.  I don't even really want to say that my progress has stalled.  My abs are becoming more and more defined (who wouldn't love that?) even though I still hae the pooch.  My triceps I've just noticed are a lot less jiggly than they have ever been, so that's good right?  And I'm actually eating vegetables every day!  That is something I never thought would happen, lol.  See?  Look at that, I listened to some 311 and my whole attitude changed! ;)  Okay, okay I'll stop now.  Still not going to the gym today though, I'll do a FE cardio workout here at home.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. I totally understand when you are so close you can taste it. At this weight, every little bit counts and our body just doesn't lose as fast as it did at higher weights. Don't give up! I think you are doing wonderfully and you look great!

    My boyfriend went to a 311 concert in Tampa a few years ago and he enjoyed it!

    Ps. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my newest entry. Don't worry if you don't want to post about it or add it. Just want to let you know I enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Thanks so much! First of all the fact that your boyfriend even knows who 311 is (let alone has been to a show!) makes him beyond awesome! And second, that realy is so incredibly sweet, I am beyond honored that you enjoy my little blog so much. Totally made my day!

  2. I love 311! And I agree they are amazing in concert even with very little effects. I went to three of their concerts in the late 90s and I am dying to go to another but unfortunately concerts aren't as plentiful here in South Carolina as they were in New York.

    1. You love 311 too? How are we not friends? Lol. Yeah, I can understand that. A lot of people travel really far to see them. I would, but unfortunately being an adult kinda sucks. You know, we have those awful things called bills that need to get paid, ;) I hope they come near you again soon, and thanks for stopping by!