Thursday, August 2, 2012

Unofficial WI & Fighting Battles

Since I will be at a 311 show tonight (soooo excited!), I will NOT be going to WW and so I jumped on the scale here at home.  Gotta stay accountable.  FINALLY a decent loss on the scale!  2 weeks ago and my last "official" WI I was 124.8.  This week I am 122.2!!  My scale said 122.6, but remember it weighs .4 heavier than the WW scale.  Words cannot say how thrilled I am.  I feel like I finally might be having a good day.  Tuesday sucked (with the exception of the few hours I spend at the concert), yesterday sucked even harder, maybe today is the day that things turn around.  I got a good night's sleep, the scale has decided to be my friend.....

Speaking of friends, you will not believe what happened to me yesterday.  So this woman I have been friends with since the beginning of the year, M, had told me she was interested in a ticket for Friday night's 311 show in Jones Beach.  I was originally supposed to go with some one else, but last week they said their job screwed up and gave them Saturday off instead of Friday and that they could no longer go.  They asked if I was interested in their ticket or if I just wanted them to sell it.  I said that I would see if any of my friends wanted to go so I wouldn't have to go by myself and that I would let them know.  So M says she wants to go.  Even though she's never even heard of 311, but figured we would have a good time.  So I told her the ticket was $60 and I needed it Tuesday because I would be seeing my friend and that would be when I could purchase the ticket.

M gives me the $60, I go and get the ticket.  Yesterday morning she texts me saying that she can't go, she really just doesn't like the music and that I could give her her money back on Friday when I get paid.  Um, excuse me?  Why would I pay you for a ticket that I can't use?  YOU bought it, so now it's YOUR problem.  I told her this but I also said that since I know a lot of people who like 311 I could try selling it for her, I might have an easier time.  She then proceeds to flip out at me saying it's not fair that I won't refund her money.  I told her that maybe she should have checked them out before committing to going and I also pointed out that if she had bought her tickets through ticketmaster that they wouldn't care if she didn't like the artist.  Once you have the ticket, that's it.  It's your problem.

She gets so upset (over a $60 ticket, it's not like we're talking hundreds of dollars here) and starts slinging insults at me.  Bringing up how I take advantage of her and how she always pays for everything and blah blah blah.  And I was like that's totally not true.  The only time she has EVER paid for me or my kids was on Monday when we went to the fish hatchery, she paid like $1.50 for food to feed the fish.  She started talking about buying us food at places we never even went to with her and started complaining about the ONE time I came over and asked her to do my make up.  But I take advantage of her.  I'm a thief.  Yeah, she called me a thief over a ticket I told her I would try and sell for her.  She also called me immature.  Well, I'm not the 47 year old woman flipping out over something so silly.  Yeah, that's right.  She's 47.  47 and acting like she's 17.  But I'm immature.

After arguing over text message the entire day, with her throwing things in my face that have NOTHING to do with the issue at hand (like the fact that neither of my kids were planned, and how she and her husband were together for many years before they married and made the well thought out decision to have kids), bringing up another friend of ours and saying mean shit about her (WHY are we talking about things that have nothing to do with the ticket?), and threatening to all the police on me if I didn't bring her ticket to her right tht minute (to which I said to go ahead and call the cops, I'll tell them what I told you, that you will either have the money or the ticket by Friday morning and then they'll be pissed you wasted their time) she says she values my friendship and we should just let this whole thing go.  What the hell woman, are you on crack???  I told her I needed to sleep and that I was too exhausted to discuss it now.  Which was true.  It was 9:00 at night, I was going on like 3 hours of sleep and I had fought with her all day.

Anyway, I promised I would talk to her today and I really don't know what I'm going to say.  This whole thing is just so stupid.  It's all over a ticket which I offered to try and sell for her so she could get her money back.  And the things she said to me don't really bother me.  It wasn't the insults.  I am the most secure insecure person ever, lol.  I'm insecure about the way I look and constantly think people are talking about me or whatever, but I am 100% secure in the decisions I have made and I don't regret any of them.  Also (and I realize this was a low blow) when she said about me having my kids so young and not planned I told her that I am twice the mother that some women 10 years older than me are and that my children are polite and well behaved.  That they don't spit, hit or curse at other children or at me.  Her daughter (4 1/2) does those things to other kids AND to her, which is why I said it, hence the low blow since I essentially said she's a crap parent and has a demon child.  I just said it in a nicer way.

The point is that I just don't know if I want to continue this friendship.  We've only been friends since the beginning of the year and I don't know if I want to be friends with some one like her.  She reminds me of P in so many ways.  She clearly has a drinking problem.  No, I'm not being mean, she really does.  She walks around her house with a glass of vodka and every time I have ever seen her I've been able to smell it on her ever if I don't see her with it.  I think that yesterday she had a bit much to drink and that's why she was so all over the place.  I have seen this kind of behvaior in P, I know just how this works.  I know she was drinking when she agreed to buy the ticket and I think what happened was that she realized she made a poor decision and then tried to shift the blame onto me.  Something P would do ALL THE TIME.  Every time he would be drunk and screw up he would try and find a way to pin it on me.  And when I would try and calmly explain that it wasn't my fault he would blow up and freak out just like M did.  The only difference between M and P is that if a fight between us were actually to come to blows, I could take M down.  I am most definately stronger than she is, where at 6'3" and 180 lbs I wouldn't stand a chance against P. I don't know if I can go through this again.

Why do I attract all of the crazy people? Why? I really just want to live a normal life and have normal friends and normal relationships. I do love me some drama, but only on TV or in books, I can't stand this shit in my regular daily life. I need to get rid of it. So thanks for reading, if you did. I know that was a lot to go through. But I am truly hurt that she would accuse me of being and thief and flip out over something so trivial and petty. Like I said, it's not the insults, I don't care about those.  They don't bother me because what she was saying was either completely untrue or had nothing to do with the issue.  But the fact that you say I'm your best friend and you value my friendship only to turn around and accuse me of taking advantage of you when I have never asked you for ANYTHING is so absurd. /rant


  1. Whoa! That was something else! Sorry you had to deal with that and on so little sleep! Have a great time again tonight!

  2. You do what you know is the best thing FOR YOU to do. Period. And I just gotta say, you haven't your children "so young & unplanned" -- Low, low blow. Not cool.

    Wishing you peace and a great time at the concert!