Saturday, August 11, 2012

Challenge Day 1 Recap

Overall I did pretty well.  Breakfast was my usual Multi Grain Cheerios with a 1/2 cup of skim.  Then I hit the gym, took a spin class.  I came home and made myself 1/4 cup Egg Beaters on a Thomas Multi Grain english muffin with one slice of fat free cheese.  Later I set out on a quest for the 2nd Game of Thrones book and some Doritos tacos.  I got 2 of them, no soda, all good.  Then we went to the mall, I only spent about $20 in Deb.  Go me!  We got home around 2 and I made myself this HUGE salad with a 1/2 cup of Perdue shortcuts turkey breast, 1 slice fat free cheese, and 2 tbsp dijon mustard.  Then the cravings hit.  Sooo much harder than I thought!  I was doing really well until that point.  That's when I started getting a little antsy.  I seriously legit felt like an addict.  I was starting to climb the walls, it was bad.  I looked to Kelly for some support.

It's all good though.  She helped me, assured me I could do it.  Thanks so much!  Let me tell you, that was probably the HARDEST thing I have ever done!  Lol.  I mean, me?  Without CHOCOLATE?  What?  But I lived to tell the tale, haha.  And I am proud to say I did not even lick the spoon after giving my kids their fro yo!  Day one complete!

Not sure if I'm hitting the gym today or not.  The only class I actually want to take is spinning, but that starts at 8 and the Kid's Club where I drop the kids doesn't open til 9 on the weekends.  Normally I would be taking step, but as I recently learned, Stacy only teaches it every other Saturday.  The Saturdays she doesn't teach, it's taught by Kim.  Kim is nice, but her moves are a lot more complx and she doesn't break it down or give you mods like Stacy does.  I was so lost 2 weeks ago when I was in her class!  Ugh, I don't know what to do!  I need to figure it out though, because I have to have the kids at their dad's by noon.  And I have $80 in Kohl's cash in my wallet, so I am going to go shopping once I get back.  Love it!

In other news, I officially booked yesterday for the 311 Cruise in March!  That's right, it's no longer just some dream, I am really truly going to be on the boat!!  I'm going to need to channel my Inner Grace to make sure I hit the fitness center.  I love how she is always so motivated.  Also this just gives me extra incentive to better my habits so I look extra amazing.  I am going to start 6 Week 6 Pack on Monday, see if I can get this to work.  So that is it.  Gotta start getting my butt in gear here, happy Saturday!

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  1. Holy crap I am so proud of you! I would have totally licked the spoon! haha. Yay for booking the cruise, I know how much that means to you! All good things all around!