Sunday, August 5, 2012

No Control, Parties, and Shopping

I made it to step yesterday.  Thank God because I over did it at my brother's surprise birthday party.  Which I had enough WP's to cover it, but then he & his girl came back to my house where the festivities continued.  The alcohol flowed and the food kept coming.  I'm disappointed in mysel for allowing myself to give into all the cravings.  Luckily my brother ate the majority of what I made, so it wasn't as bad as it COULD have been but still.  And I also went a little overboard on the chips at the family party earlier in the day.  I feel so gross today.  So of course I hopped on the scale this morning to check the damage.  Up .2, not bad at all!  I then dragged my hungover ass to cardio kickboxing.  I felt so much better after getting through the class.

After the gym, I went to Dunkin Donuts to get more coffee.  Now mind you, I am looking totally busted.  Once again I only got about 4 hours of sleep, I'm hungover, and I just kicked butt at the gym and am all sweaty and nasty.  These two guys were heading into DD's and the cuter of the two let me go ahead of him and he held the door.  So I smiled and said thank you.  They left and started walking down to the other end of the little strip mall.  I get back into my car and head in the same direction because Kohl's is over there.  I park and walk up to Kohl's and I end up walking right in front of these same two guys.  The cuter one notices I'm going into the store and says "Here, I'll get the door for you again."  So I smiled and said "Aww, thank you, you're so sweet." And he smiles back and says "So are you."  OMG, that kind of stuff just doesn't happen to me.  I mean, these guys weren't even going in the store.  Kinda wish he had stopped me and tried to get my number or something.  It's all good though, it still made my day.

So then I started to shop, and shop I did.  I bought tons of stuff for the kids, and just a few things for myself....

See?  Just a couple little things......=)  Okay, so maybe I might have a slight shopping addiction.  Just a tad. And yeah, those jeans are size threes.  They fit perfectly, not tight at all, even after the last week.  Awesome, awesome feeling.

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