Saturday, June 30, 2012

2 Pics & an Update

Got my run in yesterday, restarted FE, did C1C, that felt good.  Hung outside ALL DAY.  And in a 2 piece!  Well a makeshift one.  I put on my tankini bottoms and this really comfy top from Kohl's that kind of looks like a sports bra but is so much more comfortable.  My stomach is utterly confused by the sun.  It has't seen it in 7 years.  And I got burned, but not all over my stomach which is weird, just in random patches.  That sucks because when it fades to a tan, it's going to be all splotchy.  Crap.

Anyway it was hotter than hades yesterday, even at 8 AM when I did my run.  I was so sweaty it was redic!
That's one of my kids' hands in there, please excuse that.  I don't even know why I bother wearing a sports bra, I really don't need it.  I do just fine in tanks that have a shelf bra.  Maybe I wanted to look like a more serious athlete?  Who knows, anyway, I told you I sweated like a mofo!

I'm going to try and get my run in this morning, but not sure if I can.  I have to leave by 9 to take the kids to their dad's and stupid me didn't do my daughter's laundry yesterday so she would have clothes.  Which means I have to do them this morning.  I just threw the in the dryer, hopefully they will be done in time so I can go for my run.  If not I will just have to do a work out video.  My mom always said not to leave home with the dryer going in case of a fire.  She's super paranoid like that, but I suppose I understand since my house DID catch fire once.  I was a baby so I don't remember, but I guess we were out somewhere and lighting had struck this tree next to the house causing it to catch fire and then the tree fell and landed on the attic causing the house to catch fire.  Luckily they caught it before everything was destroyed.  It never got past the attic.  Don't quote me on the chain of events here as it's been a while since I heard the story, but I think that's how it happened.

Tonight is the BBQ at my friend's house!  I'm so excited yet incredibly nervous!  I bought a brand new pair of Daisy Dukes this week (size 5!), but I think I might go back and try on the 3's.  If they're already tight, they may keep me in check a little better about what I'm eating.  I'm going to try them on before I buy them because I don't want them to look rediculous.  The 5's fit really nicely, but my butt and thighs are still big problem areas and I'm nervous about showing them off to everyone.  It's different than my cotton shorts because they're loose fitting and I can kind of tug at them and pull them down.  And no, I haven't been doing BBL.  If I had been maybe I wouldn't be bitching about my booty.  Whatever.

Oh and just for the hell of it, here's one of the pics that got all those responses on Fb.

It's a nice pic, not saying it's not, it hides my flaws well, but there's nothing spectacular about it.  So that's all I've got for you guys right now.  Hope you enjoy your Saturday, I know I'm going to!  I'll let you know how hungover I am in the morning!