Monday, June 25, 2012

Strange Happenings & FMM

Well this weekend gave me quite the interesting turn of events.  Seriously, what the hell is up with people?  I can't stand when people don't know what they want, but they still kind of pretend like they do.  Stop with the mind fuckery please, thanks so much.  Basically I was dating this guy, he said he was looking for something serious and long term which is great because that's what I want.  And we hung out and stuff and he would tell me how amazing I am (like I didn't already know! j/k), and this is all so wonderful it's just like a dream.  The other thing he said was that he "didn't want to lose me."  That's wat he said.  Those words "I don't want to lose you."  Aww, well that's sweet.  Then exactly one week later he tells me that this has moved way to fast, it's freaking him out, we should just be friends. Umm, ooookey.... What happened?  I wasn't the one saying that stuff and acting all super attatched and crap, that was you my friend.  That was Saturday.  At least he was man enough to tell me to my face and not text or facebook me or something.  But still, wtf.  I'm really not mad or upset about it, I'm just confused as shit.  But whatever, on to the next one.  I had myself a date last night so clearly I am not too broken up about this.  Although it is kind of a shame because he was really awesome and super cute.  Whatever.  On to FMM. Kenlie, wow, how super appropriate of you this week!

FMM: Dating

1. What is your current relationship status? (Be as specific as you’d like to be!) Single!
2. List a few qualities that you look for in a significant other. Honesty, ambition, intelligence, humor

3. If you could choose to date one character in TV or film, who would you choose? And which characteristics are most appealing? Joe Gorga! That man is sexy, funny, and wealthy!
4. How long should you date before becoming exclusive?  I really don't know.  Every relationship I have ever had, we have just been exclusive right off the bat, so I'm the wrong person to ask.  I guess it depends on the people involved and what they're comfortable with.

5. What are your thoughts on public displays of affection? Some kisses, hugging, and holding hands or putting your arms around eachother is fine. No groping or dry humping or anything like that though.

6. How has what you want in a mate changed throughout your life? It really hasn't. I've always wanted the same basic thing.
7. Do you kiss on the first date? I do

8. Would you date someone shorter than you? Eh, really not sure.  I hate to discount some one because of something that they can't control, like their height, but normally I'm attracted to guys taller than me.  Being only 5'0" that's not hard for me to find =)  Although the taller the better, my preference is 6'0" and over

9. What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes and smile

10. Is it important to be friends first?  Not nessesarily. I find it hard to go from being friends to being a couple.  Most guys I've dated I met either out some where or online so I really wasn't friends with them first.  And yes, I have done online dating, it's so much easier to meet people (I think) that way.
11. How long should you wait before becoming intimate? Again, whatever both people are comfortable with.

12. Do you prefer to date older or younger? Older.  But not like super old.  Usually between 2-8 years age difference, although I am not completely opposed to dating men my own age or even maybe a year younger.

13. Biggest turn-on?  Arms! Omg, I looooove when a guy has nice arms.  Not body builder like, but defined, toned, and I love the veins in the forearm, when they're really prominant.  I know, I know, I'm effing weird but whatever.

14. Biggest turn-off? Guys who are really hairy, and if they have bad teeth

15. Describe your dream date.  Nick Hexum.  Oh you mean what would I like to do?  Depends.  It doesn't really matter, I can do fancy carraige ride in Cenrtal Park, Broadway show kind of thing, or we can eat pizza and go bowling or even just drive around and b.s.  I'm down for anything.

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