Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Think I'm in Love

I know on Thursdays I normally post at night after WI, but I think I'll just start posting my results in my Friday morning entry.  You guys can wait, right?  Anyway, something amazing has happened.  I do believe I have fallen in love.  I never thought that it would happen, and so unexpectedly.  Just out of the blue, yesterday, it hit me.  Woah.  This is something I want.  Yup, I have fallen in love with running.  I made the decision yesterday morning.  I HAD to workout and I wanted to get the kids outside before the heat took over.  Why not kill two birds with one stone, right?  So the kids rode their bikes around the track while I ran.  I started with a 3 minute walking warm up then started picking up my pace.  As I have said a million times before, I am so NOT a runner.  I didn't go very fast, didn't want to overdo it, didn't want to kill myself the first time.

I managed to do an entire .6 miles without stopping!  Then I walked for a few minutes and then I did it again!  And then I walked and did it a third time!  In total I ran 1.8 miles in just under 20 minutes.  I know that is probably really really slow, but I'm slowly working into it.  I have every intention of going running again in about 40 minutes or so.  I can't even believe how much I love it.  I thought I would hate it, because I have always hated it.  Not that I have ever actually run, but if I sprint to catch up to some one I can't stand it.  Never would I have believed that I could turn into a runner.  I will be resuming BBL tomorrow, but not doing RI30 anymore, I'm bored.  I'm going running instead.

It's going to be uber hot again today, so I am planning on taking the kids to the lake where we are going to meet up with some friends.  I'm going to work on getting rid of some of the rediculous tan lines I have.  My arms, back, chest, and shoulders are so tan right now it's crazy.  I have never been this tan without having had a wicked sunburn first that faded to a tan.  I am loving this!  I just need the rest of me to look the same.

I have been in such a good mood lately.  Big things have been happening, good things, and I just feel like on top of the world right now.  It has been a long long time since I have been this happy.  Sometimes I feel like this is just some amazing wonderful dream and I am going to wake up and things will be as they were.  Almost too good to be true.  Well I have to get ready to hit up the park, enjoy your day and stay cool!  I will leave you with a pic.  This is me after my run yesterday feeling like I was about to die, lol.


  1. I never thought I would come to love exercising or running but isn't it weird how people can change! I just had to give it a chance.

    WAY TO GO :)

  2. You know you are doing something right when you feel like you're about to pass out after a run!