Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weigh In

Normally I weigh in at WW Thursday evenings, but tonight I happen to be going out with a friend of mine.  So I busted out my scale this morning and hopped on. 159.8, out of the 160's!  I knew this wasn't going to be a great week in terms of weight loss (my little mini binge and all), but I'm happy to have lost and not maintained, or even worse gained!  I am not going to let tonight derail me.

 We are going to a concert, I am not going to drink and I think we are getting Subway for dinner, so that is completely doable.  I actually have to go to work today (wtf???) so I do not have high hopes for getting in 30DS.  Not a big deal, I did it the last 3 days in a row, so I deserve a rest day.  I also have to go to work tomorrow (my mom's office is a little short this week, and let's face it, I need some $$), but I am determined since I have nothing else to do tomorrow that I will get 30DS in.  2 more days on level 1 and I can move up to level 2.  I hope I'm ready for it!

Also Jillian has apparently come out with a 90 day program.  I was very curious and interested in it (in case you didn't know by now I have a mini obsession with her) so I checked it out.  The preview scared me.  Like it's scary.  I'm also afraid of p90X and Insanity.  I'm trying to decide if Jillian's Body Revolution is worth the $130 or if I should just stick with her regular dvd's.  I am tempted to buy 2 that I don't have.  Her new one, Extreme Shed & Shred, and Killer Buns and Thighs.  I might do that today actually, after work before I go out.  I've been going through some things lately and need a little retail therapy.  And it would be good if I spent money on stuff I actually kind of need/use.

So that's about it.  I want to check in here tomorrow and post about how it went tonight.  I gotta say, this concert isn't really my thing.  My friend needed some one to go with her, and so me being the good friend I am, agreed to go.  It is a night out without the kids after all!  She is about as excited about this concert as I am when I go see 311, so this is a big deal for her.  She better have a good time, I'm missing Jersey Shore for this! ;)  Happy Thursday.

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