Friday, February 10, 2012

Unofficial WI

I skipped my meeting last night, my 6 year old has been sick the last few days and he had a high fever.  I didn't feel like it was worth it to drag him out just so I could hop on a scale.  So I weighed myself here.  Last night I was 158.4, but I like this morning's weigh in much better.  157.6!  So I am going with that one, lol.  I did do 30DS on Wednesday, but due to my son being sick and having a bunch of running to do yesterday, I slacked and took the day off.  Today is a new day, I will be doing 30DS and I am really actually going to make an effort this week to add in some cardio.  Even if it is just the short Zumba class on the Wii instead of the midlength one.

I have also changed up what I'm eating a little bit.  Instead of having 2 ff hot dogs on a potato roll every day for lunch, 3 days this past week I had 1/2 c Perdue short cuts roasted turkey, with 1 slice ff cheese, romaine lettuce, and 1 tbsp light mayo and a ff, high fiber tortilla.  6 points!  And very delicious.  I've also started having hard boiled eggs and yogurt for snacks.  Feeling good, hoping for another 2lb loss this coming week.  Will check back soon!

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