Thursday, February 16, 2012

Official WI!

Down 1lb from last week.  That puts me at 156.6.  I actually had started feeling today like I might have gained, so I'm glad I lost.  However, I worked so hard I really felt like I earned more than just a pound.  But tomorrow starts a new week!  Also, TOM arrived today, and a full week early!  WTH is up with that?  So maybe also there's some 1st day bloat.  Since it is here I am expecting a stellar number next Thursday.  I took yesterday and today off from working out.  Yesterday because I slammed my knee Tuesday night and it killed, and today because of some killer cramps.  Ladies who also suffer, you know that this very well can be a legit excuse!  Stayed on with my eating though, and now I'm glad I worked out so many days in a row this past week!  So back on with the working out tomorrow, have a great night!

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