Thursday, April 26, 2012

WI 4/26

Down 1.4!!  And out of the 140's finally!!  Yay!  Obviously I am pretty happy with this.  I went to the mall today after work with the kids to let them run around and play a bit since the weather looked pretty ominous.  And I stopped at this kiosk that sells hair extensions.  I have ALWAYS wanted hair extensions for 2 reasons.  1) My hair never really seems to grow more than an inch or two past my shoulders and I think I would look awesome with long hair and 2) my hair is really thin and it would be nice to have some more body and volume.  So I let the woman put the clips in and OMG I was in love.  It looked so good I was completely 100% sold on my getting these. 

I asked her how much and she said $22/clip and she used like 7 clips in my hair which is a whole box but you can buy more.  So I asked how much for the box figuring it was going to be around $150.  Oh no.  SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!!!  SAY WHAT???  But it's on special right now for ONLY $450.  How in the HELL does it cost that much when it's only $22/clip?  So I bought a clip and she said she would put the rest of the box on hold for me since it's the last box in my color.  I promised to come back for the rest and I have every intention of doing so.  However, I also have the intention of buying the box 2 or 3 clips at a time so I only spend about $150.  Isn't that insane?  I mean, if I had a money tree or something I would just buy the damn box.  BUT I am a single mother of 2 children and I don't have $450 to spend on hair extensions.  Truthfully I can't even justify $150 on them, but I never do anything for myself (except for my body spray addiction, but that's not like a huge deal) and I felt damn sexy with those extensions.  You seriously can't tell they're fake and she said I can sleep in them, I can swim in them, etc etc.  Freaking SOLD.  Piece by piece, lol.

That's why I hate those damn kiosk things, those people are always trying to rip you off.  Well, I'm going to show them!  So this whole thing lead to me talking to my friend about ways to make money and I think I want to do a Cash 4 Gold party.  A friend of mine did it recently and said she made $700 NOT including what she got for selling her stuff!  So doing this.  I just need to find people who have some gold they're willing to part with.  So my friend said if we can use my house, she probably knows some people and we could split the profits.  Sweet.  So that's about all for now, got to go do 30DS since I didn't do it yet today!

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