Saturday, April 21, 2012

Level of Doom & Weird Day

Today was my 1st day on level 3 as you may have guessed from today's title.  NOW I remember why I always seem to stop at level 2.  Holy Hannah is it hard!  But I did it, now I just have to do it 9 more times lol.  Today I was a bit thrown off.  I had lunch before my son's t-ball practice totally forgetting I had a lunch date with my former step mom.  She texted me a little after 12 asking what time I was meeting her and I was like oh crap.  So I went.  After I had already eaten, AND I had no clue where we were going.

We ended up at Olive Garden.  Great, just great.  A restaurant totally and completely out of my comfort zone.  We had to wait for a table, and Val (former, but totally awesome step mom) said to sit at the bar, we could have a drink.  That was 3 Points right there.  Then we sat down and I looked and looked and looked at the menu.  I finally settled on the Venetian Apricot Chicken.  It looked like the healthiest thing on the menu, so I went with it.  Grilled chicken with an apricot sauce and steamed veggies.  Turns out it was only 7 Points!  Yes!  Victory was mine!  But then I had 2 breadsticks (8 Points, yikes!), and some salad (probably 2 Points with the dressing and stuff). 

Then we had dinner at my mom's.  I didn't eat, I was stuffed.  But then we got to dessert.  She bought a box of eclairs.  And there are 5 eclairs in the box.  My mom had one, and so did my step dad and each of my kids.  That left only 1 eclair.  Well that's not enough for both my mom and step dad to have another one.  It seemed silly to have just one eclair.  So I ate it.  Oops.  That was 7 Points, which puts me 12 over for the day *shrugs*.  And I used 8 yesterday.  It's okay.  For the day being as out of whack as it was, I think I did pretty awesome.  So that's about it.  Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

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  1. When I'm out of my routine, I get so discombobulated, it's not even funny.