Sunday, April 22, 2012

Measurements Update

It's about that time again, so here we go.  Waist - 30 1/4"  Hips- 33"  Thigh- 20'"  So I have lost 1 3/4 in my waist, 3 in my hips, and 1 in my thigh since last month!  Moving right along here.  I am so happy today is going to be a normal day.  I am going to try to get in an additional workout after 30DS to try and offeset yesterday a little bit.  Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


  1. I really should take my measurements, but I feel like I'll get obsessive about it. Great job though on losing those inches!

    1. I really like doing them, because then even if the scale isn't as cooperative as I would like, I can still see that my efforts are paying off. I am much more obsessive about weighing myself than measuring!