Saturday, April 14, 2012

Still Going Strong

So proud of myself yesterday.  Not only did I do 30DS, but I did FE's C2C, and I took a walk, yay!  I did use 8 weeklies lat night on my last 2 pieces of Easter candy, but that is okay.  Not sure what I am going to do today on top of 30DS, but I will figure it out.  I'm really happy that I seem to have found a nice balance on the plan. and that I am comfortable using my extra points if I want them.  And Thursday nights are my official mini-splurge days after WI.  I know that I probably shouldn't do that because it's not a "healthy" behavior to just throw caution to the wind and eat what I want, but I will work on maybe cutting it down a bit.

The upcoming weather forecast looks amazing.  I wish the kids had spring break this week, it' supposed to be in the 80's on Monday and I have been just itching to go down the shore!  Oh well.  Anyway, hope you all enjoy your Saturday!

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