Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Post!

Happy bithday to me!  Happy birthday to me!  As a birthday present to myself I gave myself the gift of only going 2 Points over, lol.  Did really well today, especially considering I took my son (and daughter) to lunch at Ihop.  You know, I love that place?  They have the calorie content of EVERYTHING right there on their menu.  It makes it so much easier to make a good choice.  Also for those lazy people like me, it saves the time of googling it, lol. 

I did restart the 30DS Challenge yesterday.  Since yesterday and today were insane I haven't realy settled into a new routine (and haven't done BBL, eek!), but tomorrow should be back to normal, so I will have no excuses.  I want to do 30DS every day, follow the BBL workout plan, AND on certain days to a cardio dvd from FE.  We shall see.

Today was pretty awesome.  I called my son out of school and took my daughter to dance.  Then we had to swing by my mom's work to drop something off and then go to the bank.  After that we did Ihop, went bowling, and went to the park so my son could try out his scooter I got him for his birthday.  After that we came home, had dinner, and then it was off to t-ball practice!  Omg, so cute!  And he loved it, which is the most important thing.  So anyway that's about it.  I have been slacking on my blog reading with everythig going on, so I am going to try and catch up on that.  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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