Friday, January 27, 2012

A Step in the Right Direction

So as you know (because I posted it yesterday) I want to to 30DS for 3 days, rest 1 day, then 30DS for 3 days.  Normally if I take 1 day off from working out, I will also take 3 or 4.  But I didn't this time!  I did 30DS as planned!  This may seem very minor, but believe me this is huge.  Believe me, it was soooo very tempting to not do it today (especially since I didn't sleep well and it's a crappy day out which makes me even lazier than usual!) but I forced myself to do it.  And in the afternoon too!  Again, if I don't do my workout like 1st thing, it just won't get done.  So that's it, have a great weekend!

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