Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

I know what you're thinking.  I disappeared so I must have gotten caugt up in the whole holiday thing, throw my diet out the window and can't bear to face it.  Not really true.  Yes, I did have maybe like days out of the last 2 weeks where I did not do so well.  And okay, so yesterday was the 1st time I worked out in the last 2 weeks.  But that is not why I wasn't here  My modem broke and I was without internet until today.  However I got back on the wagon on the first (like most people) and my scale is telling me I am actually down!  168.4!  Seriously?  How awesome is that?  I will take it!  Now I'm just hoping that officially at WW tomorrow I will get a similar number.  So I am sticking with it (hopefully).  I am happy that at least I was able to get back on track before I hit a really big downward spiral.  I just have to figure out how to stop myself from that in the first place.  Hopefully that will come with time.  So that's it, I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and I will be checking back soon!

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