Monday, January 30, 2012

Mid Week Check In

Normally now I do FMM, but this week was about make up, and since I don't wear any my answers would be incredibly boring.  So I am just going to do my check in this week.  Friday night my brother came to visit.  I had a teeny tiny little piece of crumb cake evem though I already ate all my Points that day.  Saturday went well except for the part where I went to Applebees.  I saved my Points so I could go and not have to get a WW meal.  I had maybe 3 or 4 boneless wings and I ordered the cheeseburger sliders, but only had 2 1/2 of them and like 5 fries.  That would have been fine had I not come home and had a bagel.  But I stopped there before it spiraled out of control.  Last night I went to Friendly's, but saved my Points, got something I knew the Points values of and so I didn't go over yesterday.  Yay!  I did 30DS on Saturday and was supposed to do it yesterday (remember the whole 3 days then take a day off plan?), but I flaked.  I did do it today along with 45 minutes of medium intensity Zumba.  Which is the whole point.  If you start to fall off track, just pick yourself up and get back on track ASAP.  So yay me for doing that and stopping myself before I went all crazy.  So that's it, hope you all enjoyed your weekend, will check back soon!

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