Thursday, January 26, 2012

Official WI

160.0, down 2.8lbs!  Which is awesome, and I should be thrilled, but honestly I'm pissed I didn't lose that last little .1 to put me out of the 160's.  Oh well, next week, right?  I've been doing really well on my 30DS challenge.  I did take today off though.  I figure I work out 6 days a week, 3 days at a time, take a day off, then do 3 more days.  So I have to fit it in tomorrow, no matter what.  Also, I decided to try and eat a little healthier.  I actually had a spinach salad with baby carrots as my appetizer tonight.  I made sure I rinsed it really well (even though the e.coli outbreak was a few years ago, you can't be too careful), and I really enjoyed it.  I haven't had a spinach salad in forever, I forgot how good it is!  I just can't stomach cooked spinach, it's pretty gross.  So that's my update.  Plugging right along in this weight loss journey of mine. 

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