Thursday, January 12, 2012

Official WI

Down .6 from last week.  All things considered, that is pretty good. This week I don't have anything going on, so I am going to be extra vigilent and hope I can get a good number next week.  I know, the whole point of WW isn't dieting, it's about life style change.  I will change my lifestyle AFTER I lose this damn weight.  I'm very impatient, this weight needed to be gone like months ago.  So for now I am going to do whatever I have to (within reason, without slipping back to my eating disorder) to get it gone. 

I think so far I am doing really well.  Not just in the weight loss department, but in my attitude.  A few years back I would have (and actually did once or twice) cried if I had "only" lost .6.  Actually I remember one time I lost like 1.2lbs and cried because it wasn't enough.  Also, I am allowing myself to go out and not really worry about what I'm eating and just have a good time.  I'm using my Points allowence.  Again, something the previous times I joined WW I never would have done.  So that's that.  My check in for now.  Will update again soon!


  1. Eating disorder? What kind of eating disorder did you have? Definitely don't slip back into that!!!! Talk it out with someone,, if you need to! It's so dangerous and scary!

    Slow and steady wins the race, but I understand wanting to get it off sooner rather than later.

    Keep up the good work and persistence will pay off!

  2. Shannon, I was diagnosed with anorexia when I was 17, it almost killed me. I wrote a little about it in either my first or second blog posts. I most certainly do NOT want to go back there, and for the most part I have it in check. I have not had an active dianosis in 10 years (yay!). I still have the old thoughts and feelings, sometimes they are just more in the forefront than other times. Thanks so much for your concern, I will reach out if I need to. I can't go back there, I have two babies that need mommy =)