Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lacking Motivation

So I have been totally slacking in the exercise department.  I took Thursday off, and yesterday I only did BBL's BB.  I'm hoping that I can find the motivation to get back on track doing 2-3 workouts a day.  They're each only about 20 minutes, so while it sounds like a lot, it's about the equivilent of taking a class at the gym.  My goal for today is to do Jillian Michael's BFBM which is 40 minutes of cardio HELL.  But I think I will feel so much better if I can get it done.

Eating wise I am right back OP, thank goodness.  I hate waking up and still feeing bloated from the night before.  Today starts the weekend long party, hoping that my willpower doesn't decide to check out.  The hardest thing to resist will be dinner at my mom's.  So that's it, just a quick check in.  Enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Official WI 3/29

Down .4!!  You have no idea how ecstatic I was considering the week I had.  I am very proud of myself for owning up to my shortcomings this week, staying honest, and tracking to the best of my ability  So tomorrow starts a new week.  A week in which I will take what I learned this week and not allow it to happen again.

Oh wait, this is my birthday weekend.  Crap.  Unfortunately I can't tell my family not to get a cake, I can't not celebrate.  Not because my family wouldn't understand, but because my son and I share a birthday.  I can't tell my 6 year old that we will not be having cake, or a party or anything like that.  In fact we are having a few parties.  One on Saturday with his friends, another Saturday night with his dad's parents (although thankfully I will NOT be at that one), one Sunday with my dad, and another Sunday with my mom.  Some one shoot me.  I will just plan as best I can, workout as hard as I can and hope for the best I suppose.  I'm hoping I can resist the cake at the friend party, have a small slice at my dad's (I told him he would be getting whatever cake is left from Saturday because I do NOT want it!) and a small slice at my mom's.  Monday is our official birthday, I might just get him some ice cream or something.  That will be easier to pass up, especially since I have my own ice cream I eat. =)

So that's it, hope you're all having a great week, will check back soon!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seriously Disappointed

So I'm very disappointed in myself.  Yesterday I was invited over to my new friend's house.  It was my first time over there.  Her daughter and my daughter go to school together and we see eachother at the park and stuff.  She is very nice, I like her a lot.  So anyway, me, my kids, and my other friend and her son go over there yesterday for a playdate and she just starts busting out the food and I ate.  And I ate.  And I ate some more.  I have 2 weeklies left.  2.  I didn't even have dinner last night.  And I'm so mad I allowed myself to consume that much food.  Not to make excuses (I really hate excuses), but I think it's just because it was my first time there and she was trying SO hard to be the wonderful hostess (which she was) and I didn't want to insult her.  At least I tracked, but I still feel like this was such a huge setback.  I did so amazingly awesome last week, I don't want to undo all that.

 I did get in 2 workouts yesterday.  I did FE C3C and BBL's H&T.  Today I have CA & BB.  Maybe I can squeeze in PIU for a little extra calorie burn since I went a little overboard yesterday.  To put a positive spin on yesterday though, I didn't continue to eat once I got home, even though I wanted to.  I wanted so much to just be like "screw it!" but I didn't.  I had a 2 points bar (I need my sweets!) and that was it.  So I guess it could have been worse.  *sigh*  Oh well, I'm going to try and not dwell on this and just move on.  Today is a new day, I'm going to track, do my workouts and just keep going.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Post Girls' Night

So I didn't do too bad last night.  And T, thank you so much for holding firm on our "no diner" policy.  As much as I really really REALLY wanted disco fries last night, I am so happy this morning I didn't have them!  I ended up using about 16 of my weeklies last night.  Usually when I go out like that it's much worse.  And I did do my BBL workout yesterday, so yay!  Today is my rest day, and tomorrow I have BBL and I think I'm going to re-start the FE.  I really liked it.  Oh that reminds me, my measurements.  I did take them yesterday!
Waist- 32"  Hip- 36"  Thigh- 21"
So I lost 4 1/2" in my waist, 2" in my hips, and 2" in my thigh.  Not too shabby.  That's all for now.  I have to get ready to take my son to a birthday party for a friend of his.  Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Treating Myself

I did so well at WI last night, and I have been doing so well making sure I get my workouts in and such I decided I wanted a treat.  I know, I know, you're not supposed to use food as a reward.  That's why I didn't, I used coffee instead!  Is that the same kinda?  I have no clue and I don't care.  It was 80 degrees and that my friends is perfect iced coffee weather.  I am most def. an iced coffee-aholic.  But it has to be Dunkin Donuts.  It also has to be a caramel mocha light and sweet.  That's right.  None of that skim & splenda crap (which for some reason I can drink at home in hot coffee, but in iced it makes me queezy).  And it was sooooo good.  It was like sex in a plastic cup.  For real.  I got the medium, which I estimated to be 10 points.  I had found the nutrition info a while ago and figured out the small version is 4, so I figured this is probably 10.  I couldn't re-find that info.  I found it for the latte, but not this.  Weird.  It doesn't matter, the point is it was worth every point, every calorie.  I'm seriously obsessed with these things, like legit addicted to them. 

So that's about it.  Got my workouts in.  I finished the FE program!  Wow, it's really been 30 days already?  Time flies.  Guess it's time to take my measurments again, but I will save that for tomorrow's post.  Hope you're all enjoying your Friday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Offiial WI 3/22

4 lbs bitches!!!!  *happy dance*.  So excited I pulled such a big number this week, AND that I'm way out of the 150's!  I really busted my ass this week working out, and it payed off big time.  I still haven't worked out yet today, but I really want to try to get it in since it's my BBL workout.  This program is working so well!  I can already see such a difference in the size of my butt and it's def. higher off the ground!  This is such a great program, but you work for it.  I'm not expecting a 4lb loss again next week (nice as it would be), I just hope it doesn't slow way down or worse go back up.  I could settle for a 1 or 1.5lb loss next week.  We shall see.

I did really well tracking this week, and I was even able to use 10 weeklies and I still lost big.  It's nice that this plan is livable.  I can go out to eat or have a few drinks or whatever and still lose.  I love it.  So that's it, gotta work on getting the kids in bed, then to do BBL.  Have a great night!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update 3/21

I couldn't think of a catchy title for this post.  Oh well.  Anyway, I got both my C4 C+S and my BBL Bum Bum workout in today.  So that was good.  It feels really good when I work up a good sweat, starting to enjoy that.  I did alright with food today.  I have eaten all my points.  I really wanted to have a few left over in case I wanted a snack later, but I had some Girl Scout cookies that were calling me, lol.  They're all gone now though (and I tracked them), but I'm just afraid I'm going to be hungry later.  I know I have flex points but I don't like using them and I have already used 10 this week.  Hopefully I do well at WI tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Plugging Along

So things are going pretty well as far as the whole WW plan and losing weight and such.  I've been using some flex points here and there, just like one or two a day which isn't so bad.  I've been sticking to my workout program.  Yesterday I started Cycle 4 on FE.  I had to do Sculpt yesterday, oh man was it tough!  Then I did CA from BBL.  I was supposed to do his Sculpt routine too, but again as long as I am doing a sculpting routine anyway I figure I don't need it.  So that's it, quick update.  Enjoying this amazing weather some more.  I really can't get over how gorgeous it's been!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Off Topic

Just needing to vent a little.  Yesterday I made a post on my facebook about how upset I am that our district has approved full day kindergarten.  This does not affect my son, but it does my daughter.  So a friend of mine commented on it and we had this little converation in the comments under my post.  I had said something along the lines of how we're robbing our kids of their childhood, forcing them to do too much too fast and before we know it they will have to be out in the "real world" and so we need to let them be kids now.  So okay, some people are going to agree with me, and others disagree and that's fine.  The problem occured when my uncle said that if both kids were in school then I could experience the "real world."

And I was like "Oh no he didn't!"  Since when does raising kids exclude people from the real world?  Just because I don't have a 9-5 or whatever does NOT mean that I don't know what it's like in the world.  I've had jobs before, I had my first real job at 14.  And I also could (and did) make the arguement that having kids is a job within itself, which it is.  A job with no monetary compensation, no sick days, and I work 12-14 hours a day, and then when I'm "off duty" (kids are in bed) I'm still on call.  They might get sick in the middle of the night, or have a nightmare, or have an accident and I need to be there.  You parents can appreciate that.  Just because I don't have a regular job does not mean I don't work.

I kind of brushed it off and said something like "Lol, I have 2 kids, it doesn't get more 'real' than that".  Then he responds again saying that unless you're independently wealthy the real world includes work.  At which point I launched into my little speech I just wrote in the previous paragraph.  I also included a vague overview of what my life has been like for the past 6 years as a reminder.  Which would be why his comments really stung.  Because he's family.  Because he KNOWS what I've gone through recently, how hard and shitty things have been.  And he still said that.  I called my father (my uncle I'm talking about is his brother) in tears today over what he said. 

My uncle made it sound like I've lived this sugar coated life and I have no idea how hard things are.  And that is just not true.  Now I know that other people out there have had it way harder than I, but I have still gone through a lot of shit that no one should ever have to deal with.  I was proud of myself for handling it as well as I did.  Because what I really wanted to say was "Hey Uncle, why don't you put down the beer and then you TOO can experience the 'real world'".  I also wanted to say "Oh, I don't know what it's like?  Okay, well I have gotten shut off notices from the electric company because my kids' dad decided his paychecks would be better spent at the liquor store instead of on bills.  Is THAT real enough for you?  Or how about the time he spent 135 days in jail and I visited him twice a week, wrote letters every day, and applied everywhere I could to try and make some money while he was gone only to have no one hire me, is THAT real enough for you?  The list can go on Uncle if you don't think I've qualified for the real world yet."  And the list does indeed go on.  I have a whole arsenal of things that I think qualify as real life and not this portrait like life he seems to think I have even though he knows most of the stuff I have already said.

Anyway so that's why I'm so upset.  I tried so hard not to let it bother me, but it does.  I called my dad after he had written the first comment and he said he would talk to my uncle about it.  He totally got why I was upset about it.  And so did my mom once I told her.  I went on with my day, took the kids to the park, had dinner at my mom's.  I came home, but my daughter to bed, played Scrabble Soup again with my son, then hopped on the computer only to see the 2nd comment.  And I got upset all over again.  Obviously my dad hasn't talked to him yet, but that's okay.  I'm a big girl, I don't need my parents to do battle for me anymore even though I know they will.  Because they're my parents, and as I said, they have the toughest "real world" job of them all.

Mission Accomplished

I did it.  I pushed through and got my workouts (both of them!) done yesterday.  I decided to jump in the shower to see if it would brighten my mood (and ease my cramps) a little, and it worked.  I showered, listened to some 311, and my day did a 180 and was so much better!  For those of you that don't know, 311's whole message is "Stay positive and love your life" so when I'm feeling down, or angry, or whatever I listen to them a bit and I cheer up.

My son had a great time at the party yesterday, and I spent the whole time chatting with one of my new found mommy friends.  Our sons happen to be good friends, so it works out pretty well.  I also decided that maybe I need to make more of an effort to spend some one on one time with my son  I am letting him stay up a half hour later than his sister (as long as he has been good, we've been having some attitude lately) and he and I will play a game.  I had just got a new game yesterday while shopping for the friend's party that I was excitied to try with him.  It's called Scrabble Soup and is geared for kids as young as 6.  We had such a blast playing together.  So it was a good day.

Today I finally get a rest day.  It feels weird though, knowing I don't HAVE to workout today.  My body needs it though, I am so sore.  I had a really difficult time getting through H&T yesterday.  Tomorrow I start my last week on FE!  Debating on whether or not I'm going to re-try the 30DS challenge.  I got so far last time, but I know I just was not ready for level 3.  I've had so much progress these past few weeks I just may be able to do it this time.  We shall see. 

The kids and I are supposed to hit up the park this afternoon, see some friends we haven't seen in a while.  That should be fun.  Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


So thanks to TOM I was awakened by excruciating cramps at about 5:30 this morning.  They are really bad this month, no idea why.  It's funny, before I had kids I NEVER had any kind of period symptoms.  Ever.  I got through C3C+S and BB yesterday, and  I'm supposed to do CA and H&T today.  I have to push through and do it, I have to.  But I'm so tired and I hurt so much it's really going to kill me.  So ladies, tell me, when the cramps are unbearable and you're really fatigued how do you force yourself to do your workouts?  Seriously lacking motivation today, and I have to take my son to a birthday party later which I also don't feel like doing.  I should just pop a Pamprin and quit my bitching, but I just want to curl up in the fetal position on my couch.   

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Official WI

With the way things happened over the weekend, I did not head into my meeting very optimistic.  I was fully prepared for the consequences of my actions.  So you can only imagine my shock when I was told I LOST 1.4!!!  Wow, that is really amazing.  I'm still pissed though.  That puts me at 150.2.  I really really really wanted to be in the 140's this week and I have been beating myself up over my usage of the weeklies.  If only I hadn't, I very well could be in the 140's.  I'm trying to console myself by saying to myself that is I was to weigh myself naked, I probably am 149, lol.

Oh, and FYI I ended up doing 25 minutes of Sculpt last night!  I knew I wasn't going to do the whole thing, and quite frankly I don't think I need to do that one at all.  Not so long as I'm doing FE or Jillian.  It's just sculpting, and the aforementioned workouts I do I like alot better.  Anyway, I was very proud of myself for pushing through and doing it even though it was late and I was exhausted.  And I did both CA and H&T today.  I was going to do KSYM, but I think I need a little bit of a break, lol.  Tomorrow is my last day on C3 of FE.  I have to do C+S.  I can't believe how quick the weeks are flying by!  I feel like I just started that and next week is my last week of this rotation.Up next for BBL is BB and TT.  That's Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck. 

I guess that's about it for tonight.  I have no plans on using my last 7 weeklies tonight.  I think I am quite done with those for a while.  if I use any it will just be one.  I absolutely love soft pretzels and I just discovered that Super Pretzel has come out with cinnamon sugar ones!  I bought a box this week.  I have 4 points left for the night, but I think these might be 5.  I need to go check.  So if I use any weeklies tonight it will just be one and it will be for that pretzel!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Should Have Reversed It

I should have worked out in reverse order today.  I should have done BBL's Sculpt first because it is a staggering 50 minutes, and left my FE C3S for tonight.  But no, I did FE this morning honestly believing that I was going to be doing a 50 minute workout this evening.  Lesson learned.  At least I got one official workout in, and I did two 20 minute walks today with the kids at the park.  We were at the park from 1-4 today!  There was just no way I was working out when I got home.  If it was just a 20 or 30 minute one I might have sucked it up.  I don't know.  I might attempt to do half of it while the kids watch t.v. later.  Even if I only do half, at least I made the effort.  Not sure though.

Did great with my eating today.  I've actually been getting in at least 7 out of 8 glasses of water this whole week!  3 days I actually drank all 8!  That is huge.  I've never drank 8 glasses of anything (well except alcohol, LOL) in one day!  And I'm still getting stronger.  On C3S today there were more of those plank rows and push ups like in PIU and I was able to do it.  AND it had me doing bicep curls with 8's!  I've only ever used 5's.  I am beyond psyched to get my bitchin' biceps back!  3 years ago they were amazing!  I wish I had pictures.  I felt so great, so strong back then.  I want to feel that way again.

BBL wanted me to take my measurements before starting.  I really wanted to, but didn't since I had just taken them 2 weeks prior when I started FE.  I am kind of curious to see what they are, how much they have changed in the last 2 1/2 weeks since starting FE and now BBL.  I do want to take some "before" pics though.  That is something I wish I had done before starting WW so I could really see the difference.  Oh well.  So that's it for me today.  WI tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BBL Day 2

I really did not think it was possible for your butt to hurt this much, but I guess it is!  CA was a great cardio workout.  He does go a bit fast, but I got a great wrokout in!  H&T hurts like hell.  My thighs and butt were burning within 60 seconds.  It is no joke.  So I got it done, very proud of myself!  I already put KSYM in the dvd player so it's all ready for when we get home from the park.  I can do it while dinner is cooking.  It's going to be another beautiful day here, so I am going to go and enjoy it!

Monday, March 12, 2012

BBL Day 1

First off I would like to say, I over indulged a bit yesterday.  I used 37 weeklies (holy crap, really?!?!?!), but I was honest about it, tracked it, and still have 7 weeklies left!  Back on top of things today.  It's almost 6 PM and I still have 5 Points left over!  Did FE C3 Cardio, and BBL's Bum Bum.  I was supposed to do Tummy Tuck too, but I don't see what that has to do with my butt.  Maybe I'll do it today, maybe I won't.  I already earned 8 AP's for today.  I did a 20 minute walk and spent most of the afternoon at the park with the kids.

So anyway, BBL.  It's tough.  You really really feel it, your legs feel like they will fall off.  And he goes really fast.  I liked it though.  I think this will really work and give me the results I want.  Tomorrow I'm supposed to do Cardio Axe (CA) and High and Tight (HT).  Those will be my morning workouts to make sure I get them in, and then if I'm feeling energetic I'll do KSYM.  I should probably at least do the abs workout off that. 

That's about it.  Really glad this weekend is over.  We had such a great time at Crayola yesterday.  I spent a lot more money than I planned on, but it was well worth it and I would do it all over again.  I'm always looking for different fun things to do with the kids.  Today I learned that there is a dinosaur exhibit opening over in Seacaucus in May.  My son (and my daughter too) absolutely LOVE dinosaurs.  They're watching Jurassic Fight Club as I type this.  We own the first season on dvd.  This would be such a wonderful thing.  I can't wait until it opens.  I don't think I'll even tell them about it.  I'll just tell them to get in the car and not ask any questions, lol.  Have a great night!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Got it Done

I know I said I probably wasn't going to be back until Monday, but I had some down time this morning, lol.  I ended up doing both workouts on KSYM this morning.  It was supposed to be a rest day today, but according to BBL, I have to workout Mon-Sat with Sun off.  So I thought I might as well get into the habit of it.   BBL looks pretty intense too.  2 workouts 6 days a week!  And 5 of those days I will also be doing FE, so I will have 3 workouts 5 days a week!  I'm going to try it like that this week, but if it's too much I might have to cut out KSYM on the extra 2 days a week.  I don't want to burn myself out.

I was so happy this morning too because during PIU you have to do plank rows with push ups and normally I have to fall to my knees half way through to do the push ups, but today I didn't!  I got through all of it with no breaks and no modifying!  Big NSV right there, my body is def getting stronger!  I am so excited to start my new workout regimine, hopefully I will stick to it!  If it's really too much, I might hold off on BBL until I'm done with FE, but I want to at least try it and see how I do.  I was talking about adding in some extra workouts anyway to better my numbers on the scale.  For most of this upcoming week it's supposed to be in the upper 60's-low 70's!  Gotta really buckle down and at the very least gets my arms looking awesome so I can wear short sleeves without being self conscious!

Friday, March 9, 2012

C2 Scuplt, a Mini Binge, & a Package

Yup, I did it.  I admit it.  I had a mini binge last night.  I was stressed out and turned to Girl Scout cookies.  I tracked it though, it ate up a lot of the leftover weeklies I had from last week.  I'm not very proud of myself for caving like that, but I am picking up and moving on.  Like my old WW leadrer used to say, "Don't let a lapse turn into a collapse", a very good piece of advice.  Today is not only a new day, but the start of a new WW week.  Back OP today.  Got C2S in, all set to start C3 on Monday.  And once again my arms are hating me right now.  The only thing that wasn't overly challenging was the bicep curls.  That's because when I do 30DS I switch out my 3's for 5's whenever she does bicep work, so upping the weight 3lbs isn't that difficult.  However using 8's for my shoulders and triceps kinda kills....

Aaaand, Brazil Butt Lift came today!  Soooo psyched to add these to my workout routine!  Starting that on Monday too.  Again, not doing the meal plan (although BBL's meal plan looks a lot more appetizing than FE), but going to do the workouts as suggested.  So that's about it.  Tomorrow I have to take my son to a birthday party for a friend of his, then we're headed to my dad's to celebrate my daughter's birthday, and immediately after that we're going to my mom's to celebrate.  And Sunday is the Crayola Factory!  And my little girl's actual birthday.  And 311 Day.  Wow, what a weekend I have!  Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day anyway, and I'm planning on doing KSYM before we head out Sunday so I have no excuses.  With all that going on I will probably be MIA this weekend, so I hope you all enjoy it and I will be back Monday!  Hopefully before then, but not counting on it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

OffIcial WI

Down .6 today.  That is really kind of disheartening.  I busted my ass this week and I feel like last Thursday and then the pizza last Saturday completely undid all my hard work.  So frustrated.  I keep trying to tell myself that at least it's .6 down and not .6 up.  It's not helping though.  And I had 2 mini donuts.  Haven't figured out the Points yet, but they were 340 calories that I not only didn't need, but that have left me hungry.  I try not to keep this stuff in the house, but with my daughter's birthday coming up, I let her pick what she wanted for her birthday breakfast.  My kids' birthdays are the only 2 days a year where they can have whatever they want for breakfast.  Ice cream, cupcakes, whatever.  Amber picked donuts this year, and I love donuts.  I love most things that are crap.

I'm thinking maybe this week I should start doing some Leslie Sansone walks on top of the FE workouts.  It can't hurt to up my calorie burn a bit right?  And speaking of burn, I def got some sunburn at the park today, oops.  I wanted to get some color.  Not sunburn, not Jersey Shore dark, I just wanted to look like I have a pulse, lol.  Oh well, lesson learned.  So that's it.  Tomorrow is my last day on C2.  So that's all for tonight.  Stay motivated! =)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

C2 C+S

Oh.  My.  God.  My arms seriously feel like they are going to fall off.  I have never done tricep work with anything heavier than 3's, today I used 8's.  And the planks with rows/tricep kickbacks and push-ups, wow.  So looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!  I didn't do that great in the eating department today.  I stayed within my Points okay, but I really slacked on the fruits/veggies.  Also, I have decided to start counting bananas as either 1 or 2 Points depending on the size.  I think that since I am eating them with some regularity, the extra 100 cals/day might be having an effect on my weight loss.

In other news, it was gorgeous out today!  The kids and I spent a whopping 2 1/2 hours at the park.  We will all sleep good tonight, that's for sure!  Tomorrow is WI day, I'm kind of nervous.  I hopped on the scale this morning just for s's & g's, and am only down .6.  What gives?  Do I need to start upping my workout time?  It's weird because The Firm workouts are the same length as the Jillian one's, and yet I had bigger losses doing Jillian.  But The Firm makes me sweat more.  What is going on here?  Oh well, we will see what I am officially tomorrow.  Until then.....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kind of Slacked

I did do PIU (Pump it Up) off KSYM today, but I didn't do the abs.  Instead I went for a 10 minute walk and danced around my living room for 20 minutes or so.  I just ran out of time this morning, and then as the day progressed I really didn't feel like doing the abs.  I'm looking forward to doing C2 C+S tomorrow, I did buy my 8lb weights today.  And honestly, I am just a little scared, lol.  I'm a little nervous for WI Thursday after my little mishap days this past week.  And this weekend in my daughter's birthday, so there will be cake.  And I love cake.  So I really need to have a decent number this week.  But what will be, will be.  I'm just getting anxious because nicer weather is coming and I will not be able to hide under sweaters and things much longer.  I would really like to be able to bust out my daisy dukes this summer.  I haven't worn them in 2 years!  So that's it.  I will check back tomorrow if my workout has not killed me!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Not Hungry

I'm not hungry.  At all.  It's dinner time, and I'm usually pretty famished by now.  Nope, not hungry in the least.  I made myself eat anyway because I don't want to not eat my daily Points, and I had only consumed about 600 calories (not including the dinner I made myself eat).  Now I know from my eating disorder days that your body needs roughly 1000 calories a day just to function normally, that's assuming you lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle.  Well, I did The Firm C2 Cardio today, danced around with my daughter, and chased both my kids at the park.  In short, I absolutely need at least 1000 today.  With dinner and the spinach salad I ate I figure I'm at about 900 right now.  Also I feel incredibly sick and bloated, and kinda wish I could just puke.  I felt fine before I ate.  Should I not have forced myself to eat even though I wasn't hungry?  I know that one day really wouldn't make or break me, but what if I'm not hungry again tomorrow?  And the next day?  And seriously when I was downing Entenmann's by the box why the hell could I not have felt hungry then?

In other news, I obviously did good in the workout department today.  I even got in 3 servings of fruits/veggies!  How about that?  Still really liking The Firm program.  I do need to get those heavier weights like tomorrow because I wil need them for Wednesday.  Tomorrow I'm doing KYSM, and taking the kids to see The Lorax.  It should be fun, I'm really looking forward to it.  The Lorax, not KYSM, lol!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Update

Ah-mazing weekend.  Really, quite possibly the best weekend I have had in a long time.  Yesterday I did alright with my eating.  I did go 10 Points over but that's okay.  My mom and I went out for Chinese food for lunch.  I did extremely well considering it ended up being a buffet lunch.  I eyeballed to the best of my ability 1 cup of the chicken and broccoli, and I had 3 fried noodles.  I couldn't help myself, they are delish!  Then went out for pizza, got a Sicilian slice (because I haven't had one in YEARS and am obsessed with them).  It was twice the size of what I thought a Sicilian slice should be, but I ate it anyway.  And my night was awesome, just going to leave it at that.

Today I finally got new tires on my car, I was way overdo.  Then treated myself to an eyebrow wax which I haven't done since the beginning of January.  And to top it all off, the bass player from the best band EVER is now following me on Twitter!  I was so happy I was literally almost in tears.  I have loved 311 since I was 10, they have seen me through every crappy moment I have ever had in my life, this really meant a lot to me that he is following me now.  And about 10 minutes after I discovered my new follower, my kids got dropped back off after spending the night at their dad's, so now I am complete again.

I am OP today, eating well, drinking my water, and did both workouts again on The Firm Kick Start Your Metabolism dvd (KSYM).  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend as much as I am!

Friday, March 2, 2012

3rd Firm Workout Done!

Did C1C+S this morning, OMG it was tough!  But that's good, need to burn off some of the extra calories I consumed yesterday.  Since it was the end of the week, I decided to use some weeklies.  I'm trying very very hard not to beat myself up over it.  I need to get used to using some of them sometimes if I am going to make this weightloss stick this time.  I need to accept that I can do normal things without it being the end of the world.  This is a process, it's a learning experiance, and it's about change.  Not just changing the way that I look, but the way I eat and the way I think.  I can do this.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Official WI

152.2!  Down 1.8 this week.  Not bad, not bad.  I worked really hard for that 1.8.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't just the slightest bit disappointed I didn't make an even 2, but tis okay.  In the next 2 weeks (if all is still going well) I will be out of the 150's.  Today was my rest day and I really needed it.  I didn't sleep at all last night, I am beat.  Which totally sucks because Jersey Shore is on tonight, and I really want to see it, but it can wait til tomorrow I suppose.  So that's about it, nothing more to report.  Tomorrow I am supposed to do C1 S+C (Sculpt + Cardio), we'll see how that goes.