Sunday, March 25, 2012

Post Girls' Night

So I didn't do too bad last night.  And T, thank you so much for holding firm on our "no diner" policy.  As much as I really really REALLY wanted disco fries last night, I am so happy this morning I didn't have them!  I ended up using about 16 of my weeklies last night.  Usually when I go out like that it's much worse.  And I did do my BBL workout yesterday, so yay!  Today is my rest day, and tomorrow I have BBL and I think I'm going to re-start the FE.  I really liked it.  Oh that reminds me, my measurements.  I did take them yesterday!
Waist- 32"  Hip- 36"  Thigh- 21"
So I lost 4 1/2" in my waist, 2" in my hips, and 2" in my thigh.  Not too shabby.  That's all for now.  I have to get ready to take my son to a birthday party for a friend of his.  Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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  1. Dude, I still want the damn fries! But we done good!!! I was 2 beers over on my calories... but I was also 2 beers over on what I planned to drink... and about 2 beers over walking in heels, apparently. Also, we burned calories dancing like assholes.. so that helps, too, lol.