Friday, March 9, 2012

C2 Scuplt, a Mini Binge, & a Package

Yup, I did it.  I admit it.  I had a mini binge last night.  I was stressed out and turned to Girl Scout cookies.  I tracked it though, it ate up a lot of the leftover weeklies I had from last week.  I'm not very proud of myself for caving like that, but I am picking up and moving on.  Like my old WW leadrer used to say, "Don't let a lapse turn into a collapse", a very good piece of advice.  Today is not only a new day, but the start of a new WW week.  Back OP today.  Got C2S in, all set to start C3 on Monday.  And once again my arms are hating me right now.  The only thing that wasn't overly challenging was the bicep curls.  That's because when I do 30DS I switch out my 3's for 5's whenever she does bicep work, so upping the weight 3lbs isn't that difficult.  However using 8's for my shoulders and triceps kinda kills....

Aaaand, Brazil Butt Lift came today!  Soooo psyched to add these to my workout routine!  Starting that on Monday too.  Again, not doing the meal plan (although BBL's meal plan looks a lot more appetizing than FE), but going to do the workouts as suggested.  So that's about it.  Tomorrow I have to take my son to a birthday party for a friend of his, then we're headed to my dad's to celebrate my daughter's birthday, and immediately after that we're going to my mom's to celebrate.  And Sunday is the Crayola Factory!  And my little girl's actual birthday.  And 311 Day.  Wow, what a weekend I have!  Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day anyway, and I'm planning on doing KSYM before we head out Sunday so I have no excuses.  With all that going on I will probably be MIA this weekend, so I hope you all enjoy it and I will be back Monday!  Hopefully before then, but not counting on it.

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