Thursday, March 15, 2012

Official WI

With the way things happened over the weekend, I did not head into my meeting very optimistic.  I was fully prepared for the consequences of my actions.  So you can only imagine my shock when I was told I LOST 1.4!!!  Wow, that is really amazing.  I'm still pissed though.  That puts me at 150.2.  I really really really wanted to be in the 140's this week and I have been beating myself up over my usage of the weeklies.  If only I hadn't, I very well could be in the 140's.  I'm trying to console myself by saying to myself that is I was to weigh myself naked, I probably am 149, lol.

Oh, and FYI I ended up doing 25 minutes of Sculpt last night!  I knew I wasn't going to do the whole thing, and quite frankly I don't think I need to do that one at all.  Not so long as I'm doing FE or Jillian.  It's just sculpting, and the aforementioned workouts I do I like alot better.  Anyway, I was very proud of myself for pushing through and doing it even though it was late and I was exhausted.  And I did both CA and H&T today.  I was going to do KSYM, but I think I need a little bit of a break, lol.  Tomorrow is my last day on C3 of FE.  I have to do C+S.  I can't believe how quick the weeks are flying by!  I feel like I just started that and next week is my last week of this rotation.Up next for BBL is BB and TT.  That's Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck. 

I guess that's about it for tonight.  I have no plans on using my last 7 weeklies tonight.  I think I am quite done with those for a while.  if I use any it will just be one.  I absolutely love soft pretzels and I just discovered that Super Pretzel has come out with cinnamon sugar ones!  I bought a box this week.  I have 4 points left for the night, but I think these might be 5.  I need to go check.  So if I use any weeklies tonight it will just be one and it will be for that pretzel!


  1. Down is down, bitch! Chuggachugga, lol. It is annoying to be, like, .something off your goal, though...

    1. Yeah, I know, and I am thrilled that given what I ate I lost as much as I did. I was really expecting a gain. Just mad at myself for caving and eating like it didn't matter. *sigh* It's okay, I'll just kick ass this week!