Thursday, March 8, 2012

OffIcial WI

Down .6 today.  That is really kind of disheartening.  I busted my ass this week and I feel like last Thursday and then the pizza last Saturday completely undid all my hard work.  So frustrated.  I keep trying to tell myself that at least it's .6 down and not .6 up.  It's not helping though.  And I had 2 mini donuts.  Haven't figured out the Points yet, but they were 340 calories that I not only didn't need, but that have left me hungry.  I try not to keep this stuff in the house, but with my daughter's birthday coming up, I let her pick what she wanted for her birthday breakfast.  My kids' birthdays are the only 2 days a year where they can have whatever they want for breakfast.  Ice cream, cupcakes, whatever.  Amber picked donuts this year, and I love donuts.  I love most things that are crap.

I'm thinking maybe this week I should start doing some Leslie Sansone walks on top of the FE workouts.  It can't hurt to up my calorie burn a bit right?  And speaking of burn, I def got some sunburn at the park today, oops.  I wanted to get some color.  Not sunburn, not Jersey Shore dark, I just wanted to look like I have a pulse, lol.  Oh well, lesson learned.  So that's it.  Tomorrow is my last day on C2.  So that's all for tonight.  Stay motivated! =)

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