Sunday, September 30, 2012


One year ago today I wrote my very first post in this blog.  I had 1 follower and 70 pounds to lose.  Now here I am 365 days later at goal, with 20 followers, and some new friends.  This has been quite the journey and I want to thank you guys for sharing it with me.  I'm sorry I haven't been around.  I really need to make this a priority once again.  I do so much better when I have you guys.  Not that I've been doing horrible, but I do need to get my butt back to the gym.  And I miss writing here, and these last few days, I confess, I haven't even been reading.  But tomorrow is the start of a new week and a new month, so what better time to recommit, right? 

Starting tomorrow I will be at the gym 3 days a week, I will be doing either a Jillian or FE workout 3 days a week, and the last day of the week I will either just take off or maybe do some walking.  I will blog a minimum of every other day, even if it's just a quick post.  I haven't come this far by being lazy, which means I won't stay here by being lazy either.

My cousin got married Friday.  It was such a nice ceremony, the venue was beautiful, and his bride is not only adorable but incredibly sweet.  I had 7 drinks (whoops), but I did very awesome at cocktail hour.  I had 7 crackers, 5 little cubes of cheese, 1 french fry shooter (so cute, about 10 fries in a shot glass with som ketchup at the bottom), 1 pig in a blanket, and 1 buffalo chicken cheese steak thing.  It was tiny, like one of those free samples you get at the mall, but soooo good!  For dinner I had the bacon stuffed chicken breast with rice and carrots, I had the salad (which was super delicious, I really wish I could have had more of it!), a dinner roll, and of course a piece of cake.  I don't think I did all that bad.  There was so much more food I could have had at the cocktail hour, but I didn't.  And I did dance.  Oh, and I made it to the gym in the morning.  So that was good.

I've had a very good, yet very busy weekend.  Lots of fun, but so glad it's over and tomorrow I can get back to normal.  I WILL go to step class in the morning, no matter what.  No excuses this week, NONE.  Hope everyone is doing well and is OP.  See you soon!


  1. Yay! Congrats on one year! I love your blog and you have made such a difference to me in the 6 months that I have been on my journey. We all do this together and it's just the best. We love you lady and want nothing but the best for you!

    1. Aww, thank you! So glad I have inspired you as you have inspired me. You guys definately help me find the motivation to keep going!