Friday, September 21, 2012


I am so excited, I really can't even begin to tell you.  Wednesday I got a flyer in the mail, a certain television provider was running a promo for new customers only.  I have been a loyal customer to another provider for 7 years.  I have always been happy with the service and the programs, but this new offer was going to save me over $300 this year alone, PLUS a whole bunch of freebies.  So I switched and for the first time EVER, we have on demand!  PLUS some premium channels for free for quite an extended period of time.  We all know what this means, right?  This means that for the next however many weeks I will be spending my nights watching Game of Thrones (hence the title of this), The Tudors, Dexter.....oh the excitement!  It got installed yesterday and I am seriously hooked.  And so are the kids.  All I had to say was Phineas & Ferb complete seasons and they let out squeals of delight.

I've been a huge slacker in the workout department this week.  I need to get back on that.  I've been putting in more hours at work.  With winter right around the corner I am going to need some serious money to be able to heat the house.  So admittedly the exercising has taken a back seat.  I'm still tracking and staying OP as far as eating goes.  I did have a splurge Wednesday, I was just so snacky.  But I had the weeklies for it and counted.  So that's it.  It's family night so I'm going to go cuddle with my kids and try to stay out of the fridge ;)  Happy Friday!

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