Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome Back

I have got to say I really miss daily blogging.  Life has just been hectic lately and my internet connection has been touchy.  Anyway, I went on a date Thursday night to Applebees and I went balls to the wall.  I ordered first, I got the bacon cheddar cheesburger which if you remember from when I went out with Big Mama T is like 970 calories/26 PP.  But I figured what the hell.  Just one night.  So then my date orders his AND the appetizer sampler.  Oh man.  I did awesome with that though.  I took 2 mozz sticks, 2 wings, 1 quesadilla, and like 5 chips and 1 teaspoon of the spinach dip.  Normally I would have just devoured the whole thing.  THEN we went to Dairy Queen.  Guess what I got.  The peanut butter bash.  I still haven't looked up the nutrition info for that because I really don't want to know.  It was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be.

It felt good to be able to go out and have whatever I wanted.  It didn't feel so good after I ate it.  I felt soooo sick.  So sick.  The ice cream was totally worth it, but next time I'll get either the 7oz steak with veggies or the 1/2 chicken caesar for my entree.  The burger was not worth the tummy ache.  And I made it to spin class Friday morning.  It was so tough to get through, I felt so sluggish but I was so happy when I was done.  Yesterday I did FE C4C.  Not sure what I'm doing today.  I kind of want to go to kickboxing, but may just end up working out here at home.

And of course I had to hop on the scale.  Now Thursday I was 118.2.  Yesterday I was up to 120.6!  I figured it was mostly still bloat and all the grease sitting in my stomach.  Today I am back down to 118.6, so I'm only up .4.  Not too bad. 

I think I'm either going to skip work today and go Tuesday instead or just head in there super early (like in a half hour or so) because there's a street fair going on in town today and I want to take the kids.  I was unable to work yesterday because they were recarpeting.  It's nice to have a weekend where I can just be with the kids.  And I really want just one day where we don't HAVE to do anything, which is why I'm considering skipping the gym.  Yesterday we had soccer so I was running out the door even though it was Saturday.

So anyway, that's what's been going on around here.  I'm still reading you guys every chance I get.  Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  1. Eating out normally ends up being sodium overload so I'm sure it's just water weight.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    1. Thanks Grace. I'm trying not to obsess over it too much. I'm happy most of the bloat seems to have gone away and the scale is back to almost where it was. I need to know that every once in a while, it's okay to have a splurge like that. I just need to get right back to my usual routine afterwards.

  2. You are one busy Momma! are a great mother :)

  3. I haven't had real ice cream in forever. And we don't have Dairy Queen in NY! ;-)

  4. So glad to hear about the date, but sorry to hear about the tummy ache! It's nuts how our bodies change once we start taking better care of our selves and then things start to upset us that never have before. I've been off schedule too, I have been blogging but not indepth and reading but no commenting which always makes me feel like a creeper, lol!