Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Woah, What?

Yesterday I had to go into work.  There is this woman, L, at the office that I just love.  In fact I went to school with her 2 oldest children.  Her daughter was I think 2 years ahead of me and her son was in my class.  Anyway she is just so sweet and she always has som sort of goodies on her desk and you can just help yourself.  I always look forward to her candy jar.  She gets the fun sizes so I can have one without undoing my whole day.  Anyway I walk in yesterday and *gasp* there's no candy in her jar!  So I walk into the inner office knowing that if there's nothing in the jar, there's usually some Chips Ahoy or something in there.  Well yesterday, darn that L, she had made (and brought in) chocolate chip blondie brownie bars!  OMG, soooo good!  I had two, oops.  And she told me to bring some home for the kids, so of course I did.

Anyway, I tried to calculate how much it was to the best of my abilities.  I looked up a recipe for them on and figured that since each piece of L's was really a half a piece, that it was probably 300 calories for both.  So I worked it in to my meal planning for the rest of the day and that was that.  I use MFP now more than WW (although I do still calculate my weeklies if I want to go over for the day that helps keep me in check).  I ended up going about 5 PP over yesterday, so not too bad at all.  And of course we all know I had to hop on the scale this morning.  This would be the park where the title of this post comes in.  116.6.  I was so stunned I checked 3 times and it was exactly the same.  Which means that on the WW scale I would be 116.2.  How in the heck did I do that???  You know what, I don't really care how I did it!  I am ONE freaking pound away from my goal.  ONE.  I really can't believe that after my crazy outing last week I was able to drop 2 pounds, especially since I really haven't exercised as much as I did over the summer.  Actually, with my weight being as low as it is, I really didn't think I could still drop 2 pounds in a week no matter how "good" I was.  I really want to go to WI tomorrow and just double check that number, but I don't want to face them.  Isn't that weird?  Usually people don't want to go when they've had a "bad" week.  I don't want to go because last time they told me I was losing too much.  Although that's probably because my WW goal weight is 128 and I'm more than 10 lbs below that.  Whatever.  I'm still within the healthy weight ranges chart for my age and height, and I have no plans of going below 115.  I'm good here.

So anyway, that's that.  I have to get the kids ready for school and then head to kickboxing.  Have a great one!


  1. WOW! Congrats!!!! I'm happy and excited for you :) There have been some mornings when, the number on the scale has been a better "jolt" wake up call, then cold water on my face! I love when that happens (although it hasn't been as often as it should).


  2. OMG! Great job!! All your hard work has certainly paid off!!!

  3. Whoa! Check you out lady! Congrats you are doing so amazing!