Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Setting Mini Goals

I recieved an e-mail from Weight Watchers about how to stay motivated.  With so much weight to lose it is very easy to get discouraged (otherwise I wouldn't still be trying to do this!!), so it is important to set interim goals. They also said to set some non scale goals.  That has got me thinking about my biggest triumphs here.  Have I been losing at a stellar rate?  No.  But despite some setbacks (like last week), I have not given up.  I have not, as my leader says, let a lapse turn into a collapse.  That in itself is a little empowering.  To know that I am capable of living my life, and on special occasions being able to eat what I want to eat and not have it completely ruin me.  So anyway, as of last week (pre Thanksgiving), I had reached my 5% goal.  I'm hoping that I have done well enough to still be at that weight when I get to weigh in tomorrow.  I just want to have lost what I possibly gained last week.  That's all.  I haven't exactly been on the exercise wagon this week, I do have to get back to that.  So that's all, I will update after weigh in tomorrow.

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