Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post Turkey Day

Okay, so things didn't exactly go as I had planned.  Wednesday night I went out with a friend, thinking it was going to be just an hour or so and like 2 drinks.  That turned into a bar crawl which ended with a 2:30 am trip to the diner.  After about 6 drinks I wasn't really all about counting points, but still didn't do quite so bad.  Instead of ordering chicken fingers and disco fries for myself, my friend and I split them.  Thanksgiving day I had a light breakfast as planned, and said the hell with it for the rest of the day.  But I was very prou of myself, I didn't have 2nds of anything (except for the chocolate cream pie, but even then the 2 slices I had were very tiny!).  So was it bad?  Yes.  Could it have been worse?  Oh hell yes.  I have been a good girl since.  Friday I was right back on plan.  I have been taking the kids to the park the last 3 days and have been walking/power walking the track following them on their bikes, and I have been staying within my points.  While I'm not expecting a really big loss on the scale this week, I think it won't be too too bad, I have done my best with damage control.  So that's about it, will update later in the week!


  1. Dude, Wednesday was soooo worth it. I'm not back on track yet, though... oops.

  2. Haha, that's okay. If I wasn't paying WW $40/mo I wouldn't be back on track either!