Friday, November 11, 2011

Pushing Through

So today was another day.  Great with the food, and I spent an hour walking around the mall with the kids.  Was it the kind of exercise I was aiming for?  No, but I did something, which is the point.  At some point (like tomorrow) I'm going to have to stop settling for less when it comes to working out.  I want to fit in my size 0 skinny jeans again, wear my cute little tops from bebe.....I want some wardrobe options dammit!  'cause right now, I have none.  I have three pairs of sweats I wear and my maternity shirts.  That's right people, I said maternity shirts.  Which, by the way, are meant to accentuate a pregnant belly (which I do not have) so they make me look even fatter.  Great.  So yeah, tomorrow is another day.  At least I'm staying on track with eating well (and within my Points).

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