Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awww Yeah!

So without exercising and I used some of my Flex Points (which again, HUGE deal for me) I lost 4.6lbs!!  I am excited about it, I do think it's awesome, but I can't help but still be pissed.  Not pissed at the number, but at myself.  Like if I had actually worked out this week, I could have lost like 6 or 7.  I seriously kinda feel like I failed.  But I am determined now.  My heart admittedly wasn't really in this, but seeing that number has fueled my fire.  This week I am committed to working out at least 30 min/day 5 days.  I also need to hydrate more.  The one good thing I did do this week, was I started having a salad.  If I got hungry around 2 or 3 I would just make myself a salad.  Go me!  I am also hoping that since I did go over my daily Points allowence and saw tahat it really wasn't a detriment to me at the scale that I can over come that all or nothing mentality.

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